The problem is termux style and task not working?I wonder why.

Will aircrack-ng work in termux . . .
if not how to hack wifi 

What is the difference between using 'packages install' instead of the apt package manager? It seems to work fine, is it an alias or something?

What are the most entertaining frotz games? I haven't been able to run LostPig for some reason 

No work

How do I change the default storage? 

I find this awesome app today but i havent found any packages (exept kahoot-hack but cant get it to work) so please reply some good packages =D

I'm trying to create a virtual environment for flask. I create the environment using the command "virtualenv appname.env" and then I get a huge traceback listing the libraries with an error that says "[ERRNO1] Operation not permitted".

Front nor rear camera still don't work

I've just successfully compiled a fairly big project using clang in it's g++/gcc incarnations, but linking fails with "undefined reference to `iconv`" and "undefined reference to `iconv_open`" etcetera, despite all efforts. Any suggestions?
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