Help me guys, how to install spade in termux ??

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Succeeded in installing Termux-Sudo on Nexus 6p.

Changed rooting method from SuperSU to Magisk and found a good YouTube video on installing Termux-Sudo.

First time I ran sudo from the termux-sudo dir I got a
Second time it ran "clean". (see screen shots)

Anyway everything seems good and have root now in the

Any thoughts on the CANNOT FIND EXECUTABLE output in first screen shot?

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Am new to this environment but i really love idea behind it, the way so many most of you have used it is what makes me the more interested in it please I would need someone to lead me to this new world i have found

Can I install MEGAcmd on termux ??

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Error at python2
Please help me guys

hello I´m a Cuban developer and i recently started working with Termux but i have a poorly internet access so my question is
can some one upload a full Termux backup with composer installed to google drive so i can installed in my phone with titanium backup
gracias de antemano.

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Help mee !!! How to install Metasploit no root

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Help me !! I used the term for a long time, so I installed after a while, after downloading it again, it does not install the tools in this case, and python2, I'm sorry the typos i brazilian

I was wondering if anyone could tell me why my directory isn't working.
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