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Why does the payload handler doesn't start? I already sent a payload to the victim's phone(my phone) and started the service and still a meterpreter session hasn't started.

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tsu - Gain root shell on termux

has been updated to v0.2 which brings fixes and improvements to su detection code.

If you need to use some termux packages as root.. or start a root shell in termux you can use tsu.

I use R in termux long time. I upgrade termux.

Library not found

Metasploit error permission denied when making payload plz help

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Hi guys...
I need help with this error
I would appreciate your comments
Thank you


My xdg-open (aka termux-open) do not offer all available applications. For example, total commander offers more application, why?
Can I start a different application from termux? For example, using command:

am broadcast

for call the app I want? I do not know how. Thanx.

Anyone using Termux in Dex? would love to get a re-sizable window. currently Termux is fixed size..

sox, play and python

Hello, I install sox package, for making sound from python. But package is without play command. I must use commands:
:sox -n -r 44100 o.flac synth 0.5 sine 440; play-audio o.flac

for playing sound.

I want use command: play -n synth 0.5 sine 440

It is efective and save my memory before many writings. But play commend is removed from package after his building, see

Is here another way for creating sound from python? Thanks.

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I am a new Termux user and am using Termux on a Google Pixelbook. My newbie question is, how does the directory structure of Termux relate to files that I access on my Pixelbook using the Files app?
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