How can i save& esc from vi???


Is it posible in Termux:Float to:
1) change window size?
2) switch on additional symbols string above keyboard (as in bare termux)?

I can't install Termux from F-Droid...

Guys tell me
What can i do with termux

Can somesome tell me some penetration commands of termux i am a new user ??

Tell me how can i install airmon-ng,aircrack-ng or wifit in termux . Or Tell me what kind of tools are available in termux for wifi

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So, I managed to get powerline working on vim and bash shell, but I can't seem to get the arrows, I've placed the PowerlineSymbols.otf on /usr/etc/fonts and a copy on /usr/share/fonts and the 10-powerline-symbols.conf on usr/etc/fonts/conf.d
Also is that what powerline looks on vim? Or does it have arrows too? Am I missing something?
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Anyone know how to fix this error?

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i need help, Since last night after the update of the termux with PIP to delete the module by the carriage return will be so, how is it?

Device incompatibility..what's solution..

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