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Matthew Gomez

Looking For Game  - 
Hey there all! I'm looking to run a game via hangouts, starting in the new year. Probably set in Washington, DC, but I'm open to alternatives. All standard playbooks are allowed, plus the limited edition ones (Immortal, Dragon, etc). I'm an MC that strongly believes in letting the characters drive the fiction, so I'm hesitant to give more details until I know what people are looking for and what playbooks are being used.

Figure either Friday or Saturday Eastern Time. Looking for five players at the most, but willing to run with as little as three. If you are interested, let me know in the comments below and we can maybe lay some groundwork in advance.
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I am interested. Time ultimately decides things for me. I'm on the west coast. Let's chat
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Finally, I have joined the ranks of the cool kids.
I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one.
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I want to hang and play ball though!
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Douglas Santana

Archetypes  - 
Hi there, 
I believe I laid down some interesting new angles for a playbook, based on the most unlikely of all sources: Jumper.
Do we have already an "official blank playbook" where I can present these ideas?
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Antoine Pempie

Archetypes  - 
Hello everyone. So, reading the final version (I have played US when it was still in developpement), and I love it so far.
But there is still a playbook I can't wrap my mind around : The Vamp. To be more specific, I don't really get what the Web is about, what it may refer to in the fiction. 

Could you please help me understand it by showing me how this move would work in Dracula, True Blood etc. ? 
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The Web represents the master vampire as consummate manipulator. It represents their influence and control over other characters, whether through charisma, blood, or sheer force or will.
Dracula is actually a great example, as virtually all of the human characters end up in his Web throughout the story one way or the other, Renfield and Jonathan by being lured to his Haven, Lucy and Mina through seduction, and Van Helsing and the others as they come to threaten his interests. Dracula uses the Web to overtly control Lucy, Renfield, and Mina, but also to take the measure of his hunters and play mind games with them.
I don't watch True Blood, but I gather Russel Edgington is the best example for use of the Web in that story. Ultimately, the Urban Shadows Vamp serves best to create the vampire lord-type character which fits better into Urban Shadows' political structure than the typical lone night stalker or heroic vampire crusader.
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It abruptly occurred to me that since US has come out, I haven't tried to find any podcasts showing off its play!

Anyone know of a podcast or similar situation that played US? 
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Awesome! Thank you, Alex! 
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Adam D

Kickstarter Feedback  - 
Hard copy just arrived in Calgary, Alberta! Can't wait to get it to the table.
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Adam D
Yeah, the hardcover is gorgeous. I particularly like the spine design. 
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Fan Made Content  - 
Okay, I have ideas for new Archetypes for each Faction, going to be bringing them in my game when I have it ready, but some feedback on the alpha versions will greatly be appreciated and will help me not make game breaking or game losing archetypes. The first up is THE MONGER, a Power based Factionite who levies great resources into superior power while being controlled by their job in ways no other person is.

Here are the Stats and Moves as I currently have them -

Blood -1, Heart +1, Mind +1, Spirit 0

Mortality 0, Night -1, Power +1, Wild +1

(Like the Veteran's Workshop you get:)
The Monger's Carnivale
You are known for being able to get one item better and more safely than anyone else in the City and can be called upon to get a few other items. What main item you can get can never be disrupted by the MC and you may only lose the others on a miss on your moves. Choose one item that you barter with as an expertise and two more that you can scrounge up on the reg:

Dreams, ephemera, drugs, tomes, blackmail, high-tech, weapons, ammunition, food, contracts, collectibles, music, sex, vacations, medicine, or animals.

Your main source is what you are a known Monger of. Ex: A Monger specializing in Dreams is a “Dreammonger” while one specializing in Blackmail is a “Secretmonger.”

Archetype Moves (Devil's Due plus 2 More)
Devil's Due
You are the only source of illicit goods or what you sell in the city. This brings a certain level of respect to you. You may offer up one of your goods to instantly gain a 12+ to Escape a Situation. If you are threatened you may spend a Debt you are owed to make the person who owes it to you show up in the scene and defend you.

Owned By the Hoard
Your job is more than a way of life, it is alive itself. You may automatically Refuse a Debt by giving your business 2 Debts on you. The MC may spend these debts normally or to require you to obtain something for your job. Your hoard is now sapient.

Does This Catch Your Eye?
You may offer someone an item in your possession or that you sell as if you were Cashing In a Debt to boost a Persuade an NPC roll. You must then give up this item or they gain a Debt on you.

Materialistic Triage
You may spend an entire day organizing, stocking, and otherwise renovating the store you work for or gathering an item for a Faction in order to heal 2 Harm done to you once a session per Faction. You may be given a Debt by another PC for them to gain the benefits of this Move as well.

Capitalist Animist
When someone offers to give you access to one of your chosen Carnivale items, you may roll Mind to Figure Someone Out and gain an additional 2 Questions, even on a miss, to read what they are trying to sell. The Questions for the item are as follows:

~ Is this Item their most prized example of Item?
~ Why are they willing to part with this Item right now?
~ Will accepting this Item put me or my store in danger?
~ Who can I best barter this to?
~ Are they selling this Item of their free will?

Green Eyes and Golden Teeth
Gain an additional Item from the Carnivale list to barter in and upgrade one of your side Items to an additional main Item.

Corruption Moves

Sign In Blood, Please
You gain an extraordinary barter mechanic from the following list:

Beauty, slaves, youth, power, or desire.

Whenever you barter in the chosen Item you may force the person buying to give you 1 Debt if a PC or 2 Debts if an NPC in addition to whatever price you levy. Then Mark Corruption.

Friends in Low Places
Whenever you are leading a group they lose one trouble and act as if they are one size larger than they really are. After you accomplish your goal with them or they disperse you mark Corruption.

Swallowed by Success
Whenever you cash in a Debt from someone who has purchased your services you additionally get the following:

They offer you a useful item or piece of information. If you take it or use it, Mark Corruption.

Goblin Marketeer
You may Mark Corruption and take 1-Harm (ap) to immediately ask questions about a person as if you had rolled 12+ on an Advanced Figure Someone Out roll.
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I mean rules wise. Having actual objects seems clunky; hold works better. But putting that into a well written game stuff is killing me. I think I'm just not giving what you've got here a fair shake. So I'm definitely gonna push this at a player I know who loves this type of character. Try it out in stress test games :3
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Non-Urban Shadows:

So, I've been talking with a group of potential players and we were discussing the huge amount of horror (especially American horror) that takes place out in the woods: cabins, small towns in the mountains, off the beaten track.

I'm thinking of running an Urban Shadows in such a community, something with deep, freaky roots and families that go way back, perhaps during a time of turmoil where the town is falling into chaos and disarray.  So, what moves, playbooks, etc. need to change to make this so?

Hit The Streets: This may just need a remain, perhaps 'Consult The Local Gossip' or something.
Factions: These feel at first like they may be less of an effect in a small town, but the more I think about it the more I'm thinking it would fit exceptionally well.  The difference would just be that the Night faction isn't a massive army of vampires, it's a small brood that has lived on the outskirts for a while.

I'm thinking this could be a fun way to try to turn some of the creepiness of Urban Shadows up.  Anyone else tried to add 'Sub' to Urban Shadows or even Rural Shadows?
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Urban Shadows isn't specifically about cities. That's how it's presented but it's about communities. Rural communities can be just as tangled, twisted, and gnarly as urban ones. 
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Robert Ruthven

Discussion  - 
Well, look what arrived in cold and dreich Scotland today! :)

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I've already begun reading... Lovely book, well written game! 
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Brion Oliver

Discussion  - 
FYI, +Andrew Medeiros +Mark Diaz Truman , the Fae entry on the UrbanShadows_Archetypes.pdf that comes with the DTRPG purchase has a typo for the Wild Faction starting attribute. It says "-1" whereas the Urban Shadows book text says "1" and has an example further reinforcing Wild 1 as the starting attribute.
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I would go with the core book, yes. 
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Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which mortals and monsters vie for control of a modern-day city, a political battleground layered just under the reality we think we know. Vampires, faeries, hunters, and wizards fight to carve out a piece of the streets and skyscrapers, ready to make deals with all those who have something to offer. The city is waiting for you. What will you make of its secrets and sins?

Tim Jensen

For Fun  - 
Here at last.
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do a flip though.
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Discussion  - 
Thinking of starting a Dresden Files Game - usually I would use the rather great Dresden Files RPG, but I am very very curious if Urban Shadows would work. What do you guys think I would need to adapt - playbooks? Fractions?
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John I run a lot of monster of the week and it doesn't fit as well as urban shadows does. Andrew yep it's great fun to play white court in US 😆
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Looking For Game  - 
My game has gone through a few revisions. I no longer am going to be doing Alternative History which means I just needed to research what was. I will be opening the game up to applicants after my Thanksgiving week. Welcome to Urban Shadows: Mexico City!

Currently just accepting feedback for the homebrew, but I have a skeletal structure for applicants and characters to build on for when I get back from visiting family. I hope this game still excites people even without the alternative history. Game should be open to applications on Saturday the 28th.

Please note: Even with my homebrew I LOVE the main 10 archetypes. Seriously, the Veteran is probably my favorite archetype, period. Don't feel you need to pander to me just because I am MC. Tell me my homebrew sucks and needs revised. Tell me it rocks but you won't use it. Just play!
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Oh man, I'm going to combine some of these things... About to app Narciso Panfilo-Sastre, Dreammonger who has captured the romantic spirit of so many in order to fortify his position as a telenovela star.  He takes advantage of the sappy, dramatic dreams in order to more fully embody them and sells things only to his very dear friends who do him favors.

How else could he get to where he is from such humble beginnings?
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Hi folks,

I just finished running a short (4-session) mini-campaign of Urban Shadows, and it ended up being a lot of fun. One player said that he'd never had such a good time playing a vampire! (Particularly once he started Letting it Out every scene and gaining Corruption moves.)

I'm moving onto other games now, but I was really impressed by US and I'm thinking of coming back for a sequel arc sometime next year. Maybe even something longer...

Anyway, if you're at all interested in the mysteries of winter fae and public transport magic, you can check out the session writeups at, as well as my GMing notes and comments at

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Great writeups! I'm always excited to see folks growing as MCs and learning how to make the AW system work. I hope you have time to come back to the game in the future!
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Fan Made Content  - 
Well I spent most of the day working on the Bedlam. I'm not 100% happy with this one but I didn't want to lock them into "just depressed," "just bipolar," or "just fuxxored by the fae" with their ideas. Here is what I currently have! The Bedlam is about altered perceptions and reactions to situations, and the more Corrupt they become the more likely they are to "snap" and rely upon violence and extreme psychosis to get their way. Song influences: "Die In a Fire" by The Living Tombstone, "100%" by Angelspit, and "So Down Low" by The Elwins.

The Bedlam

Blood 0 Heart -1 Mind +1 Spirit +1

Mortality +1 Night 0 Power 0 Wild 0

Get three of the following

Voices Aren't My Own
At the beginning of the session roll Mind. On a 10+ Hold 2, on a 7-9 Hold 1, on a 6 or fewer the MC Holds 1. You may spend these Holds to gain an additional option on Mislead, Distract, or Trick or treat an NPC as belonging to your Faction on a Figure Someone Out roll. The MC may spend her/his Hold to take an option from those rolls from you or to lie to you.

Stop Picking on Me!
You may Unleash an Attack with Mind instead of Blood but if you choose this option you must always pick to Inflict Great Harm as one of your options.

Pessimistic Optimism
When someone Gets In Your Way of a roll you may choose to take -1 on your next roll to only let them give your roll -1.

Depressive Endorphins
When you roll to Let It Out you may choose to take 1 Harm instead of Marking Corruption.

Manic Monday
When you are giving moderate help from a Debt you may go above and beyond the call of duty to either clear an additional Debt or Carry 1 Forward to your helping.

I've Seen Worse
When you Investigate a Place of Power you get 2 questions to ask the MC.

Numb The Pain
When you Cash in a Debt you get a new option: Make them see things from your point of view. This can be reminding a Vampire of what it was to be mortal, making an Oracle feel your hopelessness, or however you roleplay it.

Corruption Moves

Scars Are Stories
You may Mark Corruption to ignore the effects of one of your Scars for a scene.

Know My Name
Do an example of great violence or weirdness to increase a Faction score by 1 for the Session and Mark Corruption.

Feel My Pain
You gain a new attack (1 Harm AP Intimate Natural) that makes you Mark Corruption every time you use it. In addition to the effects above you inflict a Scar on the opponent for a Scene if a PC or debilitate an NPC for a Session. This attack may be a gaze, spitting on someone, or touching them.

Pay It Forward
If you grievously harm or kill someone that is important to a PC or NPC you Mark Corruption and clear a Debt they have against you.

Corruption Move
Whenever you use violence to or emotionally drag someone down to your level of pain, Mark Corruption.

Intimacy Move
You and the partner you are able to choose a Move the other knows and use that move once in the Session. If you or they choose a Corruption Move you Mark Corruption as per usual.

End Move
Choose one PC and clear their Corruption Track or remove one of their Corruption Moves.
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Looking For Game  - 
Wow I am late to the party. My generous probably-soon-to-be-official boyfriend got me Urban Shadows because I am a tricky person to buy a birthday gift for. I am loving it and want to set up a game after the American-Winter Holiday storm that will be whipping up soon. I still need to read quite a bit and am watching a game being played at the moment to better see rules in action. But, my first idea is thus:

Necropolis Britain: An alternative timeline where Africa, America, Hong Kong, and India all rebelled against the UK for what had been done to them during their histories. This will lead to an "underground" movement in the City where the four Factions are striving for control and the tenuous alliance between the Conquering Countries is beginning to fray while the revitalizing movement of Olde Britain is coming to the fore to try and take back what they had. I am working with a native UKanian to try and get this a good combination of modern day Daventry/Rugby, what consequences a take over would have, and what new Archetypes to introduce.

That is probably a lot but I want to discover the extreme of "Fantasy" within Urban Fantasy and have been reading way too much (or not enough in my mind) Neil Gaiman as of late. This will take place on Myth Weavers and be after the week of Christmas or start of New Years in most likelihood.

So, if there is any interest here, let me know.
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The zombie sounds like a werewolf skin, as is (strong fighter with hunting?), but is least fleshed out which makes sense.

Looking forward to bedlam and maenad. ^.^
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Aaron Merhoff

Discussion  - 
I played Urban Shadows wehn it was in Beta. I played a few alternate archetypes. Now that the games has been released, where can i find some of those?
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Yay! I got one right!
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I love that US encourages players to think outside the straight white male privilege box when making characters. Here's a great blog post illustrating just why that's so important.
This is a jar full of major characters Actually it is a jar full of chocolate covered raisins on top of a dirty TV tray. But pretend the raisins are interesting and well rounded fictional characters...
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One of my favorite characters was a cat (Mage familiar).
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Charlie Collins

Discussion  - 
Is there any guidance that I'm just missing on how to define the mythological weaknesses of the archetypes?

Non-move powers are covered pretty well by the Let it Out move, but I was surprised to not see character creation questions for some of the archetypes to flesh out what flaws the archetype has.

The biggest offender seems to be the Vamp, but the same could be true of other archetypes as well.
In various stories/mythology vampires:
Can't cross running water
Can't stand a cross (or maybe it's the faith behind it)
Burn in sunlight (to various degrees)
Can't enter a house uninvited
Repulsed by Garlic
Burned by silver
Forced into slumber during the daylight hours
Et cetera.

It seems pretty clear to me that when playing the archetype, they shouldn't be hit by the entire set of the above, and that each game of Urban Shadows may have a different version of vampires.  However, it seems important that at least the MC and the Player are on the same page about what being a vampire means.

I'm not too concerned by weaknesses that require active effort from an enemy because that falls nicely into things like the "expose a weakness" clause of Trick.  I'm more concerned about agreement on when the vampire can be active and when they can enter buildings, or other day-to-day environmental problems.
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+Charlie Collins - I think other posters have said plenty here, but let me add two thoughts:

1) Urban Shadows is a game about proactive characters who might rise to be the movers and shakers of their city. To some degree, our interest is in the political weaknesses of the characters, not the biology of vampires and werewolves. That's not to say that stuff doesn't matter, but we think that relationships, deals, etc, should be the focus of the game.

2) Misses matter. Remember that you get to say what happens on a miss. If you want a vampire to have a sudden and distinct craving for blood, then when that vamp hits a miss, tell them "Okay, this thing works... but you've exerted yourself a ton tonight. What does it feel like when you need to feed right now?"

Hope this helps!
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Michael Barrett

Discussion  - 
Has anyone played in a game with (or played) a vampire that eats flesh, rather than emotions or blood?  It definitely seems like the hardest of the hungers to maintain - and I'd be curious about the ways that people have come up to play them.

With blood or emotion you can imagine ways in which the feeding process itself could be addicting to the fed upon, but flesh seems a lot more difficult.  As well it seems a lot harder to leave someone alive after eating their flesh than blood or emotion.  Finally, I think it'd be harder for a flesh vamp to use it's feeding as an 'intimate moment'.  Still, I think it'd be cool to explore this alternative to the usual vampires out there, so I'd love to hear folks ideas :)
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Go gangster! Cut off fingers to send messages and punish failure! Bun debts having people off or cripple your enemies... By cutting parts of them off. Make more enemies! Be driven by needing to find new ways to feed without just ripping into some poor sucker like a bunch of baby back ribs.
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