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The Immortal Emerges!

There are some who have been cursed by gods or blessed by devils to walk this earth knowing neither disease nor age. They are immortals, fated to toy with the mortals whose lives remind them of their eternally delayed demise.

After a long wait, we've finished The Immortal playbook, complete with specific MC advice on how to handle The Immortal's schemes. This digital only playbook is available right now through DTRPG:

Thanks again to all our Kickstarter backers and G+ community members for their support. It's been wonderful to have such a great play community! Enjoy The Immortal!

Does Urban Shadows still work well if you set in an openly supernatural urban setting, like the movie “Bright” or True Blood?

I have an idea for a campaign where every PC is a cop in a Shadowrun-like city, and it occurred to me that Urban Shadows would be a cool system to use for it.

Question: besides the angel, do you have any plans for future books, like dark streets?

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Hey everybody. Started a new game of Urban Shadows set in Melbourne Australia a week or so ago. We are doing a VoD for it. Would love you to take a look if your interested;

Inmortal's schemes.

Can the schemes be advanced during session or only using the opportunities offered in the start session alt move?

How does the interruptions works? Is only a move to use with the start session move?, or is something to appear during game time?

The +1 obtained via the Alliance scheme is permanent and without handicaps apart completing a scheme? An Inmortal could end with +3 in all factions so?

I'm in a predicament. I need the dark streets playbook sheets, but i can't find them anywhere.
The sheets are like the ones you can get at the website, but for the dark streets archetypes.

Anybody have 'em stowed away someplace for me to borrow?

Has anyone created an enitirely fictional, your very own, city for the campaign? If so, how'd you do that? Have you used maps? If you did, were they handwritten (?) or done in some program? I'd appreciate any bit of help or advice

Haven't played yet, but came here because of The Adventure Zone and picked up the book. I'm really excited to get people to play this, because I think I can get more "non-gamer" types to play this much more readily than a game like D&D.

Especially love the emphasis on trying to get people to play as other races/cultures, genders, and sexual orientations. Can't wait to play!

Hey I'm currently tooling around doing some pre US game prep, (what little you can do without the player's involvement). So i have been making some random magical items and stuff, ready to be used in game if needed.

I figured i might ask to see if anybody else would post examples of custom moves they have made for magical items or trinkets.

To start the ball rolling, here is an item i made a custom move for (item concept not originally mine).

Box of secrets:
An ornately carved wooden box that, if opened and the bottom is placed on a surface, will create a magical "hole" in the surface that the user can then use to see or hear anything through. It is possible to reach through the box and take an item out of the other side, but it hurts like a bitch.
• Move: When you place the box on a flat surface like a wall or a floor and open it roll Wild;
o On hit, you can see through the hole to the other side. On a 10+ pick 2. On a 7-9 pick 1.
 You can hear noise through the hole but no noise travels the other way.
 The hole is visible from the other side and can be looked through.
 Noise passes both directions through the hole so conversations can be had.
 At a cost of 1 harm you can reach through the hole as though the surface was an inch thick.
o On a miss, mark 1 corruption but you can still see through the hole.
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