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Welcome to the Todd Marcus No#123 Army. This is a Pinned Post. (DO NOT UNPIN)

Here are the Rules:
SWEARING is allowed, idc if you swear
Do not post anything unrelated to Cars/Planes/Flipline/Hotwheels/MC/RBLX/Bendy/FNAF/BFDI or other object shows
No Advertising Scams like Free Money or Cars.
No Georiga Conley Fanboys
No need for grammar, idc
No Oliver Army Fanboys Allowed
No DC&PC Haters (I'm banned from DC&PC)
Don't brag to be a Mod unless a Mod or Owner Chooses
Please post in the Right Categories
Don't act like Cr*p to the Mods

You have 4 warnings before you get banned

1st Offense = Removal of Unrelated Posts/Comments

2nd Offense = Ban for 1 week

3rd Offense = Ban for 1 month

4th Offense = Forever-lasting Ban

The Categories

Haters be Hatin' - IDK what to say about it

This. Means. WAR! - We spot a Hater

Minecraft/Roblox/Flipline/Others - Anything Game Related

Bendy/F.N.@.F. - Anything Bendy or F.N.@.F. related

Critism (Georiga)- Hating kn Georiga

Critsm (The Oliver Army) - Hating om The Oliver Army

Piston Cup Racers (Stock and Next Gen) - Anything about a Piston Cup Racer (If you want, you can give info about the Piston Cup Racer)

Annoucements (Mods Only) - Say the Changes of the Community (EX: New Rule)

Introducing Myself (New members only)- New members introducing themselves

Cars Joke/Planes Joke - Funny Jokes and Puns and Life of Ponchy and Aiken (DO NOT POST OFFENSIVE JOKES)

Guess the car game - You'll have to guess the Car

Meme Mainson

New Finds - You have to go to a Store and find a Car, then Take a pic of a Car you found

PinkSheep Exposed/Critism (PinkSheep)

Georiga Exposed

Diecast Reviews

That's all, have a nice day. PEACE 

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Who ya' callin' P I N H E A D

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My New video

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MY diecast rewiew

CARS DIECAST Team25 lie me that he put a rule Don't begging staffs and he just lied to me and I need to tell ya I need make a community called JACKED BY TEAM25(The Liar)

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