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Name lefty age unknown gender boy

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Name helpy age 2 gender boy

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No one seems into this or is it cuz we just don't want anything cuz I have been bored and all three of my rp groups have done nothing much lately

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Originally shared by ****
How many communities can he get through?

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Name: Chica the chicken, Call her chica
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Animatronic chicken.
What you do/W.Y.D: I Sing and cook for kids at day! But at night.. Let's just say you may not see Mikey again..
Likes: Pizza, Singing, Having fun, Kiddies, Cupcakes and meh plushy!!
Dislikes: Being trapped.. Pizza haters, Vegetables.. Party poppers!
Personality: (day time) bubbly, Sweet, Happy(Night time) Creepy, sadish, meanish, Annoying
Family: wut? ._.
Other: Addicted to pizza..
Bio: Cough, Cough, evil grin hey Mikey.. Are you ready to.. PARTAH!!! >:D Ya better run and hide when your at Freddy fazbears pizzaria at night!
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Name: Hotwire
Age: Dies at the age of 13 but when made looked like 18
Gender: Boy ;-;
Species: Animatronics
What he do: Stands in background and let's kids play on him if wanted to (doesn't sing or play anything)
Likes Blackout(sis), Mangle, kid(when quite), pizza
Dislikes: Foxy, loudness, when kids break him, parties
Personally: Nice, quiet, rude(sometimes)
Family: Blackout(sis)
Other The one time he comes to Freddy's he dies ;-;
Bio: When he came with his sister to a party he had stayed late cuz of parents and they closed. The animatronics found him and Blackout and got killed by Foxy

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Wait can I make Hotwire from Lps fnaf rp right but like human not Lps
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