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Ask for who you want to be:
Nala: me +sakura swam 
Kiara: +yelly yellow 

U guys have some cool lions

who wants to rp with me?

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(Picture of Mabaya not mine, Art belongs to rightful owner, the picture of paws r mine i made it so ppl could know what her paws look like)
Name: Mabaya
Name meaning: unknown
Age: 18 (young adult, Age of Vitani)
Gender: Lioness
Child of: (Real parents) Unknown (Adopted Parents) unknown
Race: Lion
Pridelander or outsider: Outsider
Rank: loner
Hobbies: unknown
Accent: soft
Skills: tracking
Likes: (when she was younger) playing with hyena pups and lion cubs her age, her best friend Vitani (When she was older) running off to explore, sneaking into the pridelands watching the other animals
Dislikes: being on her own (even tho she says she loves being on her own), Vitani going to the pridelands and leaving her behind
Personality: shy, scared easily
Mate: non
Cubs: non
Bio: Mabaya was found by a pack of Hyenas who were looking for food, she was only a a month old cub, so the hyenas were going to give her to the hyena pups. But instead of eating her the hyena pups wanted to play with her, the older hyenas saw this and decided to not to eat her, instead they decided to raise her till she was old enough to be on her own. A year passed and Mabaya was now old enough to defend on her own but Mabaya never wanted to leave the hyenas because she has chosen them as her family, but the hyenas wouldnt let her stay anymore so they chased her out of their territory. Soon Mabaya was out on her own wondering the outlands, as she was walking she was looking at the ground not looking where she was going and bumped into another year old cub named Vitani, Vitani didnt appreciate this, Mabaya apologized with a scared look on her face, Vitani stopped growling and sat asking what was mabaya's name and where she came from, after that day Mabaya and Vitani became best of friends, years passed and now Vitani now lives in the pridelands along with her pride, Mabaya wonders the pridelands at times but still lives in the Outlands.
Crush: natm (non at the moment)
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Name: Kivuli
Age: Young Adult (19)
Gender: Male
Bio: Is the Forgotten son of Zira and Scar,wants revenge on The Pridelanders for the Death of his Parents.
Rank: Prince
Pride: Outlanders
Personality: Dark Sense of Humor,Sarcastic,Evil,Cunning,Intelligent,Sneaky.

Anybody want to roleplay with me??

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name simba
age adult
gender male
personality kind,sweet,loving to his adult cub,and hates outlanders like zira but she died :3
mate nala
cubs kiara kopa but he died :3

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Me: ....
Mero: eat this
Me: no thanks
Mero: you haven't ate for 5 days!
Me: ....

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Name: kero
Age: 16
Gender: male
Bio: son of kovu but disipeared because Zita stole him and trained him to follow scar footprints and kill kick and the feature king (I don't know that kovu is my dad)
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