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Extra, Extra, Read ALL about it !!!

I have taken the Content of this Google+ Community and have created a Blog which has the Content of this Community.

Here is a link to it -- -- I will probably continue to cross post Blog posts from I wanted a way for folks to ask questions, so there is a Tab on the Blog for you to do that, if you wish.

When a question is asked, I will then create a Blog post with that question and an answer, but would encourage others to comment on that specific blog post. IF I use that question for my Family Tree Maker Blog, I will provide the question and a link to the specific blog with an answer.

The comments are moderated and will not be immediately published. Once a question has been handled, that question will be removed of that tab.

As before, this blog, as was this community, can go beyond the Family Tree Maker program.

Also, please use the LABEL list down the left column, as I have tried to put the posts in this community into appropriate Labels.

Don't forget the Search field in the upper Left column.

Sign up, if you wish, to receive notifications from this new blog.

Thank your support in this Community, but hope the new blog will help continue our conversation.

Thank you,

Cousin Russ

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Blogger Comment issue resolved (finally)

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Here is the presentation of the Office Hours Webinar. The earlier Video was not complete, but it was also a learning experience to see how the Zoom Webinar Platform would work as a replacement for this Google+ Community.

Please look at the Comments, below this video, for the Poll Questions that was asked and please respond with your feedback.

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Now the Video should work

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FTM-2017 Office Hours

I have been thinking of having Office Hours. A specific date and time to talk about the Family Tree Maker program, using the Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar platform.

For testing purposes, they would start from this Community, it pay or may not be recorded. If it is recorded, it would be published on the Blog.

In that this community will go away in a couple of months, ultimately these meetings will move over to the Blog, probably another Tab on the blog.

The Webinar Platform will be the normal platform, but some informal discussions will have to take place on the Meeting Platform.

A "normal" meeting date and time, hopefully, will be established, remembering that the recordings would be available.

The Zoom Platform is an easy to use Video Platform. Screen Sharing is fantastic, and the platform is very stable.

It has a Typed Chat, Audio and Video capability. A Wired Connection between your computer and the internet is RECOMMENDED, Headset should be used, and a WebCam.

IF there is any interest is doing this, please leave a Comment. IF you specifically want to help test this concept out, make that known in the Comments. I am thinking of a Test Run the week between Christmas and New Years.

Its a concept I have thought about for a long time, just did not have the right platform, and with the Community going away, I wanted to find a replacement platform.

A Tab on the Blog will probably be the new home, but have to make sure that it will technically work.

Please leave your comments.

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FTM2017 - First Office Hour Webinar Registraion - 26 December 2018 at 11:00AM (Eastern) - Duration 30 Minutes, as this is a test run of this platform

If you are interested in Attending our First Office Hour Webinar, you must Register here

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Dec 26, 2018 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: FTM2017 - Office Hours

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Time to Register for the 2019 FamilyTreeWebinar series. Going to be a very busy year. So many opportunities to Learn new Stuff

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