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In case you haven't seen this before .....
What ever happened to Family Tree Maker?
For some time now, the Family Tree Maker program has been among the most popular programs for recording personal genealogical research. In the past, it is been sold through mass merchandise such as Costco. The program was developed and sold by ...

Hi Russ,
As a relatively new user of FTM2014, I appreciate your “this is how I do it” tips – they have been very helpful in getting me up to speed.

I have a question that I have not seen addressed by you: how to you handle pre-1850 US Census records? I am not so much concerned about the citation as I am in how you handle the dreaded tick marks. In my mind there are two different scenarios: those cases where I believe that I have sufficient evidence to identify the person(s) enumerated within particular categories and those cases where I am not as sure.

How do you handle these cases? Do you create events for the people that you are confident of?

Tom Phelps

Hey Russ,

I've been away from my research for a while. I use FTM2014. I've always found it faster to research my Ancestry leaf hints using the online Ancestry program rather than launching the browser within FTM, then syncing periodically. I attach it to my person or put it in my shoebox if I'm not sure. I also save a copy of all records to my computer for later reference. However, now with the new online setup for hints, it requires you to commit to Yes, No, or Maybe--it doesn't have the Save function to put it in the shoebox. Any tips or tricks for making this easier? Sometimes I like to take time later to sort through my shoebox without having to remember which people have "maybe" hints.

Maybe I'm just not getting the new online functions. ???


I purchased a new computer recently and want to transfer my FTM2014 database to the new box, but I don't have a serial number to type in to install the software. I do have my orginial downloaded file and the update that was also sent out last year, but it won't install without a serial number. I haven't been able to find what the orginial serial number was when I installed it.

I did email Ancestry support and they responded that I only had 30 days after purchase to put another copy on a second computer, but at the time of purchase, about 2 years ago, I had only one computer.

When you transferred your data to a new computer, did you have to buy a new copy of FTM2014? I vaguely remember you talked about it in one of the HOA's, but have not had luck finding that video.

Do you have any suggestions for me? It sounds like I will need to buy a new copy to put on my new computer as that box will become my main machine for genealogy research.

BTW, I appreciate your recent hangouts on FTM. Very nice hints to make our work more efficient. Thank You!!

Did anyone else just lose all their trees in FTM2014? I opened my FTM this morning and ALL of my trees are gone! When I go to 'select tree' there is nothing there. When I go to 'download a tree from Ancestry' my ancestry trees show up as being already linked. So, I can unlink/link those again if I need to (shesh!) - but I can't figure out where my non-Ancestry trees went! Was it just me? (Oh, btw, my Legacy tree is missing too ... but that was just a test tree, not one I cared about)

When I'm in the search mode from my FTM2014 to the Ancestry site, I noticed media I marked private is showing. When I log into my Ancestry Account only the two public is showing. Should I be concerned that my  private media is displaying on my Ancestry search from my FTM2014 program?

Where would I find the FTM2014 GED.Com file? I see only the .ftm, is that the GED.COM?

A member of this community, +Joe Bissett made this post:

Cousin Russ, my FTM2014/Ancestry files are a mess.  I have several iterations of my main family tree file, and some of them will no longer synch.  I want to clean this mess up.  How do I merge files on Ancestry and get everything back together with one file in each place?

I will respond to this post.

+Cousin Russ
I am having a strange problem with publishing a descendant report in familytreemaker version 2014 in windows 7.  Every paragraph in the report begins with the same phrase instead of the person's name. The phrase does not even pertain to any of the individuals in the report.  It is probably born August 1894 in Worcester, son of William and Josephine.  I cannot figure out what is causing this to happen.  Any ideas?

Hi Russ...   Thought I'd share today's experience with FTM and AMT with you.  Recently found out that if you UPLOAD your FTM file to AMT in the hopes that any errors in the file will be fixed, and then download that AMT file to a newly created file in FTM, the TASKS are lost.  All 1600 of mine are not in my newly created FTM file.  I guess when FTM and AMT sync files, the TASKS are not touched, which is why FTM still has the TASKS in the FTM file, even if you'd made changes to you AMT.   This makes me wonder if one's FTM file is really totally backed up by the AMT file.    Thanks for listening... aka SAM
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