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First, Please read the "About Community" if you want to join this community. I look as each request to join but I do review your Google+ Profile to determine what we might have in Common.

Your Questions are Welcome on the Use of the Family Tree Maker program.

This is a User Community, those of us who use the Familyi Tree Maker programs.

When asking questions:

What version of Family Tree Maker are you using AND what version of Windows?

What Workspace are your questions about.?

Please do NOT use Short Cuts in terms. Use terms from the program itself. There is NO FTM17. The Help Menu will give you the information you need.

Thank you

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With the change in the Hinting system between Ancestry and Family Tree Maker, a little more care needs to be taken, when selecting a Hint that has a media file

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An observation on Hints in FTM2017 and the New Ancestry interface to Family Tree Maker

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Why, to get hints. Hopefully, will demonstrate that here.

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How I am using the Burial Fact Notes

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My process for following a Hint from the Find A Grave Index collection from Ancestry

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Will describe how Ancestry is presenting the County field in a Web Merge from a Hint from the Find A Grave Index from

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Just some observations when doing a Web Merge, with FTM2017, with a Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Record. Specifically the Death Location fact, creating / using a Last Residence Fact, a State Issued Fact, and the use of the SSN.

I have a question -- I am using FamilyTreeMaker 2017 with windows 10 and have a large tree on Ancestry. I was trying to replace an older tree BUCHHOLZ-CLARKSON2017 with my latest FTM tree, so I downloaded from Ancestry. Luckily I have not deleted the older tree, even though I upload a NEW tree BUCHHOLZ-CLARKSON2017 Dec, 2017. Lucky because that new tree does not have any media where as the older tree has 1845. I think I used the advice to just sync between FTM and Ancestry this time. But earlier I use the downloading of a GED from the older tree. Neither gave me the media records. I intend to get my tree all downloaded and then delete the extra tree. How do I get the media into my FTM2017. Thanks, MaryinSD

I have a question on Family Tree Maker 2017 and Ancestry tree -- is this the right place?
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