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First, Please read the "About Community" if you want to join this community. I look as each request to join but I do review your Google+ Profile to determine what we might have in Common.

Your Questions are Welcome on the Use of the Family Tree Maker program.

This is a User Community, those of us who use the Familyi Tree Maker programs.

When asking questions:

What version of Family Tree Maker are you using AND what version of Windows?

What Workspace are your questions about.?

Please do NOT use Short Cuts in terms. Use terms from the program itself. There is NO FTM17. The Help Menu will give you the information you need.

Thank you

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Project Strobe: Protecting your data, improving our third-party APIs, and sunsetting consumer Google+

This is an FYI - I don't completely understand where the "sunsetting of Google+" will lead us (me), but I am now aware that something is going to happen on Google+ in 2019.

Bottom line, from what I have been reading, the use of Google+, and I am guessing Google+ Communities for the consumer (you and I) is not being used in the way it had been hoped / projected to be used.

I will not say that "facebook won", but certainly from my circles, facebook is where folks are.

Not giving up yet, but wanted you ALL to know what's going on with Google+ and that i am aware of this and looking for another home.

There are entirely too many Family Tree Maker user groups on facebook, so I am not likely to go there. I find them too unfriendly for my taste, have been "kicked off" a couple of times, my words, not blocked, just received too many negative comments. Too much negative energy in these FB groups, so I have un-joined most of them.

The good news, More Time for Research.

Thanks for listening.


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Will answer a User Question about what Media Files are included or not included using the FamilySync™ process

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Answering a Question about the Find A Grave "Go-Over", specifically on Photos from the website

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Genealogy Do-Over for the new Find A Grave Website and my Go Over of those Citations

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User Question: How to generate an Outline Descendant Report where there are multiple marriages

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Response to a User Question

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Managing the Data Error Message Report - Follow up

Spent some time revising how I handle all of my Task List / ToDo List Items. It was a follow up from the process mentioned earlier in this series.

Bottom Line, It's Working

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Managing the Data Error Report - Part 3

Did some clean up and want to see how the Data Error Report is doing.

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Managing the Data Error Report - Part 1

Will demonstrate how I now manage the Data Error Report, Part 1

I have figured out a way to Manage the Date Error Report. First, to identify the Potential Errors, Secondly, Give me the ability to SEE that the profile has an Error, Thirdly to Have a ToDo List to work from, by a specific Error Message Group.

I had not been dong a good job of managing these errors at all, until I used the Data Error Report when helping others. (read smaller FILES).

After spending a couple of days, I have 823 Tasks / ToDo Items to work from.

Part 2 will be, so now what. I identified the Errors, found the reason for the Potential Error, Resolve that error in the database, the make sure the Potential Error has been resolved.

I will add a few people to this database, as see if There are NEW Errors. I will also then, clear some of the ones I have identified.

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