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Your Questions are Welcome on the Use of the Family Tree Maker program.

This is a User Community, those of us who use the Familyi Tree Maker programs.

When asking questions:

What version of Family Tree Maker are you using AND what version of Windows?

What Workspace are your questions about.?

Please do NOT use Short Cuts in terms. Use terms from the program itself. There is NO FTM14. The Help Menu will give you the information you need.

Thank you

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Should our Genealogy Database Management software held educate us to be better Researchers ?

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An observation of the use of the Web Search Workspace.

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Another post on this topic but Genea-buddy +Randy Seaver. Thank you Randy

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And +Dear MYRTLE has a blog post on the same topic

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Observations following in distribution of FTM2017

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Will demonstrate how Color Coding showed that I have Direct Ancestors of multiple lines or from more than one grandparent's ancestry.

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Color Coding and Civil War Soldiers
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