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I want to let you know that with Sitefinity 11, support for .NET 4.7 will come. Here is our public announcement.


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I cannot get ASP.NET Web Optimization to work with Sitefinity 10. I am trying to bundle css and js files.

I need to restore a module... well kinda.

So I had a db I was building a module on, needed to change gears though so started doing something else on another DB (think like months old vs nightly). So same project just newer data.

So now it's time to go back to the old DB to keep working, but the module isn't showing up under /Sitefinity/Administration/Module-builder/dashboard.

All of the config files exist still and I can see module DATA in the db, just no menu items or backend definition to speak of...??

Hi There,

I am trying to create a content type in Sitefinity admin. I know a field of a content type can be created as a 'Related Data' type and therefore it can be associated with any pre-defined content type as Data source. But I am wondering if it can be associated with ALL pre-defined content types? that is to say, all the content items in the system can be listed in a selection widget regardless of their content types.

Thanks a lot!

So we are working on enhancing our security and one of the items that my security team asked me to integrate a fix for was Using the Same-Site Cookie Attribute to Prevent CSRF Attacks. I added the following code and all of my images stopped working throughout the site.

Any suggestions?

<rule name="Add SameSite">
<match serverVariable="RESPONSE_Set_Cookie" pattern=".*" />
<add input="{R:0}" pattern="; SameSite=Lax" negate="true" />
<action type="Rewrite" value="{R:0}; SameSite=Lax" />

Does anyone know if it is possible call a widget inside another widget?

We have a site that was not sending email notifications when pages were sent for approval, the first step in a one-step workflow. I checked the workflow settings and found both of these boxes checked:

[X] Notify users by email when an item is waiting for their approval
[X] Send email to list of email addresses...

The role associated with the top box is 'Approver' and has 5 members; the email addresses associated with the lower box are all valid. To resolve the problem, we had to un-check the "Notify users..." box, the result of which is that only the email addresses receive notifications. Sitefinity version 9.2.6220.0 PE.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a bug or expected behavior?

Oh man, another 10.2 regression

Okay so if you have any DynamicContent modules, old ones, that still use <string> instead of <Lstring> they won't be properly added to the ItemViewModels in the MVC templates.

So like
Model.Fields.Content will be NullOrEmpty
but if you do
Model.DataItem.GetValue<string>("Content") the data will come back.

Its just really annoying if you have any markup thats like
Because you now instead need to extract to a variable or add the bloaty GetValue in there twice.

As of right now support says the fix is 100% manual, you have to add a new language to the site, then find EVERY string property and edit the module, checking off the box to localize, THEN once all that is done you can remove the second language from the site.

IMO massive PITA for a regression we didn't cause, I'm pushing for some sort of script to handle this. It'd be a total manual job on dev and live...

I have a project where I need to give the client the ability to create up to around 200k dynamic content items in one go. I have been looking at batch and background processes, but it still takes a really long time. I know there is a record created in the table for the dynamic item. Is there anything else done when the dynamic content manager creates the item? I am asking because it would be SO much faster if I could do this with a stored procedure.

Sorry if this has already been posted.

I upgraded to the 10.2.6602.0 version this morning and turned on the "new interface" and found a potential issue and I was hoping to find a work around (other than turning the new interface off).

We are currently migrating our site from a really old version of SF and I am loading news stories from our previous site. The problem is, there is no way to set the "publish on" date using the new interface. I have been using this tool to backdate my old articles.

Also - I know longer have a way to load my news articles in for publication on a future date.

Any suggestions?
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