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I want to let you know that with Sitefinity 11, support for .NET 4.7 will come. Here is our public announcement.


Outer redirect pages, linked inside ContentBlock or Navigation Widget.

Did you know these will intermittently render the Internal URL (e.g., "/myredirect") and sometimes render the target URL (e.g., "")

It's been around for a long while, but become an issue recently as if you change the Target URL, but the old Target URL is stuck in output cache, you have to manually publish the page, and other such things...

Editing Titles & Properties doesn't force output cache to break on listening pages, even when they have a Navigation widget

Sorry if this has already been posted.

I upgraded to the 10.2.6602.0 version this morning and turned on the "new interface" and found a potential issue and I was hoping to find a work around (other than turning the new interface off).

We are currently migrating our site from a really old version of SF and I am loading news stories from our previous site. The problem is, there is no way to set the "publish on" date using the new interface. I have been using this tool to backdate my old articles.

Also - I know longer have a way to load my news articles in for publication on a future date.

Any suggestions?

Adding JS to a shared content block?


What is the best way to include a javascript lib (momentjs) and some custom JS in a widely shared content block?

Can I do that from the admin?

I suppose I can add my custom JS in the head tag - sitewide - but it is not best practice. I want the momentjs/custom code to be on the pages where the block is used only.

Thank you

Warning to anyone with LDAP thinking of updating to 10.2 internal... It's really busted. Ldap errors all through the error log and the UserManager just tanks in getting the sitefinity ldap users. Like it seems fine after a recycle, but then the errors and tickets start rolling in.

Support doesn't even seem to care either, i can't get a response on an escalated ticket...

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As you may know we are reimaging the admin panel of Sitefinity. We are evaluating the current workflow of the classifications and we want to learn more about their usage. No breaking changes are coming 😊, we want to gather more data, so this would help us to improve the experience.

Thanks for the help, we appreciate it.

The kendo content block editor in 10.2 (latest hotfix) the link editor seems to popup okay, but when you click okay it just seems to drop in the plaintext name for the link not the actual HTML </a> tags...

Is it just us?

When will ASP .NET Core be supported platform for Sitefinity?

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Is there an easy way to turn off template compilation in Sitefinity?

I find myself often wanting to quickly test out changes to custom API endpoints or similar code and don't even need the frontend up but still have to wait 2 or 3 minutes between runs while the gears spin.
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