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Anouk Thole

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Hey, I keep trying to find a way to watch my dvd collection in Ubuntu. And i found the right tutorial, but I can't install the 'libdvdcss' in the terminal or in the Software Centre. Could anyone here help me? 
(I have Ubuntu 12.10)
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The only other problems (apart from libdvdcss) with the script are these 'Essentials' entries:

There were some dependancy problems with the Essentials and Chrome that a "sudo apt-get -f install" fixed
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Esteban Invernizzi

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Hi! There's a misnomer in 'How to Repair, Restore or Resintall Grub 2 with a Ubuntu Live CD or USB' (  

Where it reads "This time you only need to add the partition letter (usually a) to replace X,", it should read "This time you only need to add the drive letter (usually a) to replace X,".

Otherwise, that's a great article and helped me a lot.
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Thanks for the report, the tutorial has been amended accordingly.
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Wilson Morales

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hello, sorry to bother you with what might sound too stupid a question. I come from Cuba, a place with almost no internet access, so i need to create a local repository so as to install the ubuntu 13.04 packages i might need in the future.Is there a link to get the proper script to that effect?Thanks in advance
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While i don't think anyone has consildated the instructions into a single script, +Unixmen have a wonderful article to do just this.
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SOLVED homepage does not respond well to small screen sizes.

The spanpage element and it's bubbles have fixed heights. This results in outlying text, bubbles breaking borders, and general unreadableness.
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Fix pushed, no need to clear cache. Please mark as solved.
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