Do you want to get free stuff through Amazon in exchange for writing a review on Amazon of the free stuff that you get? You can! It’s relatively easy, so long as you’re willing to put in the time to write reviews! Here’s how.

A couple of years ago we told you about the Amazon Vine program, through which Amazon users are invited to receive free products, in exchange for their reviewing the item on Amazon. The Amazon Vine program may or may not still be around, but as it turns out, you don’t have to be invited by Amazon to be a Vine reviewer in order to get free Amazon stuff in exchange for a review! Here’s how.

How to Become an Amazon Reviewer and Get Free Stuff

The short answer to how to get free stuff from Amazon in exchange for being an Amazon reviewer and reviewing the stuff, is “fill out your Amazon profile, write lots of reviews for the things you have already purchased on Amazon, until you get into the top 10,000 reviewers, and then wait for merchants to contact you.”

It really is that simple. Read on for a more detailed explanation.

Here’s how it breaks down.

First, here is what you need to understand, above all: If you have an Amazon account, you have an Amazon profile. And if you have ever written a review on Amazon, of a product you either purchased through Amazon, or even of one that you got elsewhere, then you already have a reviewer ranking.

You can find your reviewer ranking by going to your Amazon profile.

When you go to your Amazon profile, you will see something like this (if you don’t have a blurb about yourself there, now’s the time to put one up, because the merchants who will offer you free stuff will want to know a little bit about you):

amazon profile

Click on the ‘See more’ to reveal your reviewer ranking:

amazon profile reviewer ranking

Now, Amazon publishes a list of the top 10,000 reviewers, so you want your reviewer ranking to be above (lower than) 10,000.

Here is the Amazon list of top 10,000 reviewers.

Note that you don’t necessarily have to have published a huge amount of reviews (relatively speaking). How they determine the top 10,000 depends on several factors, including not just the number of reviews, but things that suggest the quality of the reviews, such as the number of ‘helpful’ votes (as well as the number of ‘unhelpful’ votes) your reviews receive, and, presumably, the number of comments they generate. Nobody outside of Amazon really knows what algorithm they use.

But that’s ok, just keep writing reviews that are clearly thoughtful, and based on actual experience (Amazon is always going after fake reviewers, so you want to distinguish yourself), and your reviewer ranking will slowly creep skyward. (You also want to be careful to avoid words that will get your review rejected.)

Eventually, you will break the 10,000 barrier. Once you are on the top 10,000 reviewer list, merchants will see you there, and will start offering to send you things in exchange for a review.

A couple of critical points about your Amazon profile:

1. You need to have it completely filled out – put up a picture, tell a little bit about yourself, etc.. It’s good if you include a link to your website.

2. You must put an email address in your profile. That email address is how the merchants will contact you.

Once you’ve got your profile in order, and broken into the top 10,000 reviewers, you’ll start getting emails like this:

Hi, I was looking over your amazon profile and found your reviews to be very articulate and helpful. I was wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing a cosmetic bag I have up on amazon. I’m attaching photos. If you’re interested just email me back “yes” and I’ll send you a link with a coupon code to get it free.
And that’s all there is to it!

Here’s a handy link to start reviewing your Amazon purchases.

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