Turns out 1.2.0 was not ready for prime time: a change in the build system caused the French translation to be skipped... Oups. After putting it back, I was not happy with the appearance of the configuration dialog, so I reworked it a bit. I pushed 1.2.1 for testing this morning, it brings back the French translation and comes with the improved configuration dialog. Give it a good try!

Hi, just pushed a new version of Burger Party for you to test. Nothing ground-breaking in there, just two changes.

First, I created a new customer for the Japan world: a sumo wrestler. It replaces the dragon boss which I felt was not big enough to be a "boss". The dragon is still there, but it's a regular Japan customer now, so you will meet her more often.

Second, I replaced the configuration menu which appeared when clicking the gear icon the start screen with a dialog. This dialog contains the same elements as the menu but also adds links to Facebook, Google+ and to rate the game. I hope this helps getting a few more (hopefully positive) reviews.

Another day, another bug fix release! A bug has been fixed in the kids mode: when finishing a level, the score could sometimes increase indefinitely. This is fixed in 1.1.3.

I just uploaded version 1.1.2 for testing. It fixes a tiny bug in the achievement screen: the "Star Collector" achievement appeared three times. I also made the code loading progress more resilient in response to two crash reports I received today, even if I was never able to reproduce it.

Nothing major, but as usual, your testing is precious :)

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Once you have joined this community, click on the following link to get the test version of Burger Party:



I just pushed version 1.1.1 of Burger Party for your testing pleasure. Previous test version made the game slightly harder but the feedback I got was that it was not "hard enough" :) On the other hand, the game is too hard for small children, so I decided to take a different approach and introduced difficulty modes:

- "Kids" has no timer, and customers are a bit more patient before they get angry. No timer means you can't loose, but you can still learn to improve yourself to finish levels with "Perfect" rating.

- "Normal" is just as before.

- "Expert" comes with tighter level times, less patient customers and no arrow to point at the next burger ingredient to add.

I plan to publish this version next week, unless you find something wrong in this new version.

Hi testers!

I just pushed version 1.1.0 to the testing area. This is the first update after the public release. Here is the list of changes:

- The game is slightly harder now
- In the pirate world, the salad has been replaced by a new item: pineapple
- The button which let you select worlds in the sandbox mode now uses a more readable icon

Please give it a good try, I am especially looking for feedback regarding the difficulty changes. Is it more challenging now? Too hard?

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Today I am happy to announce Burger Party 1.0 has been released and is now available on Google Play!

Here is the announcement post:

And here is a direct link to Burger Party on Google Play:

I still have some changes planned, so as testers you will receive new updates before they go live. I will announce them there as I did for previous releases. Right now I put on my marketing cap and I am going to try to spread the word about Burger Party. You can help as well! Talk about Burger Party around you, share the Google Play link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other communication method you consider appropriate :)

Burger Party 1.0rc2 is out! The list of changes is quite short, to the point where I can actually list it here:
- Fixed the annoying intermittent "can't add any item after an error" bug
- Adjusted proportions of character in "new world" cut scenes, they look more SD now
- Adjusted colors of pickles
- Added new sounds for soda and sundae, reassigned existing sounds to other ingredients

I hope you like this new version!

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Yesterday I released Burger Party 1.0rc1. Yes, rc1! meaning I finally decided the game is almost ready for a first public version. This version comes with quite a few changes, the most important being new ingredients: bacon and two sundaes, the jump to 15 levels per world instead of 12, improvements on the appearance of many ingredients and many new sounds.

As usual, you can learn more from the announcement. With this version being a release candidate, your feedback is even more welcome!

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