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Greetings!Please follow the rules thank you!
Hello welcome to Ask/Dare Eclipsa!
I would like to make this community balance by that please follow the rules and respect your fellow member,thank you.
Is you saw someone dis-obey the rules please report this immediately or just tag a mod/owner.

✦No bullying
❥You'll have a warning

✦No cursing even the basic and the changed one
❥Please obey this rule this is the 2nd most important rule.
❥You will have a warning

✦No porn whatsoever
❥You will get permanently banned from the community

✦No spam
❥We will ask you to remove the post but if you do not remove it you will get a warning

✦Don't delete comments for moderation reasons

✦Please respect your fellow members and moderators
❥If you are using your powers as being moderator you will be permanently banned from the community
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