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6 for 6: #BlackBerry is the only company to receive highest scores from Gartner for high-security mobility management

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How can i get notifications from my phone on my android tablet? I have a Samsung Galaxy tab E, and a Blackberry Priv. I get notifications on any pc on which i login to my chrome account. However, I don't get any phone notifications on my tablet. Can you help me figure this out please? Thank you.ο»Ώ

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Hey PushBullet fans!

I've been annoyed at the - frankly pretty ugly - chrome notifications, so I made a free opensource mac app for PB (as there's still no official one).
I think you'll like it!

It currently supports the following:
- Notification mirroring
- Notification dismissal
- Replying to messages (from hangouts, whatsapp, etc)
- Replying to SMS
- Notification actions (requires PB pro)
- E2E encryption

If you have any remarks, feel free to let me know in the comments!ο»Ώ

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Is universal copy/paste available between Chrome and iOS?? I've and a couple of emails to support but no answer yet 😏

+Pushbullet Support has anyone else had any issues with responding to group messages with people on iphones and it going to other threads? like people with the wrong phone number on their name or an email address instead of someones phone number? everything else works great other then the group mms with iphones seems to be a little off for me.

when using pushbullet for sms on verizon. do the texts sent from pushbullet go against your limit to texts that are "outside" network even if the person your texting is on verizon?

Here's something you haven't heard too often...

I think that PushBullet is a good value for the money! It consolidated and offers a number of options that are of value to me.

SMS on the desktop: I use this all the time at work. It's a lot easier than constantly grabbing my phone.

Remote File Access: A lifesaver when I forget to copy a file to the cloud and I need it fast. Simplifies a useful task for me and doesn't require me to run a TeamViewer or other desktop access program all the time.

Notification Sync: Getting my notifications on the desktop while working is great. Although my appointments and tasks show up from Outlook, other things like sports scores, Social Media announcements, and app notifications are nice to be able to see. Having the option to act upon them means that my phone is clean when I use it.

Universal Copy and Paste: is my least used feature, but it does sometimes come in handy.

End To End Encryption: Is what makes it all work. Without it, I probably wouldn't use most of the features. I just hope and pray that your data is properly protected. All it would take is one serious breach to cause me to lose confidence in the program.

Do I think that the Pro fee is high? Well, yes I do. $19.99 or $24.99 a year would be more palatable. But it is not all that high and is consistent with some other services that I pay for (Feedly, Pocket). If it helps keep the company in business and spurs further development then it is well worth the cost.ο»Ώ

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