Rp anyone?

Rp anyone?(Also, I had to choose a category & it said fluffy rp or smutty rp. What's the difference?)

Rp anyone?

//Does anyone wanna... Rp?

Danti rp anyone? Ill be Anti or Dark... im not picky

Anyone wanna do a Anti or Dark x MY OC rp?

"Any body want to Rp? I'll do srp or just Rp"

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I need a good rp...please pp me about one maybe these are the characters I'll

be willing to be...
Tord ((from eddsworld))
Tori ((from ellsworld also known as female Tord))
Anti septiceye ((the female version))
Jackysepticeye ((basically female jack))
Mayiplier ((basically female mark))
Darkiplier ((the female version))
Or my oc Paperbag kitten ((paper))

So I'll do rps and maybe srps, you make the story
That's basically it....

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Hi everyone! If you want to do a role play with me either on a private post or Google Hangouts I'll be on either but you can chose a role play with Dark and Anti, Mark and Jack, Mark and Anti, or Dark and Jack. But the Google Hangouts is what I'm mostly on so just text me on there or something. I'll see all you guys later.
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Jack: crying in sleep
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