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Great opportunity for #PDX area educators “Designing for Playful Learning” Held +stmarysacademy pdx

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This fall, my small class of MAT pre-service teachers is going to do a PBL-style curriculum design project with the Oregon Jewish Museum. Our focus will be to design curriculum and activities in support of the Oregon Holocaust Memorial- a sculpture installation in Washington Park, Portland Ore. I envision secondary teaching material for use before and during visits as well as a virtual museum for non-visitors.

While I want the students to own the project, I’m brainstorming platforms, features and looking for inspiration from other similar small place-based resources. Any ideas, links or models appreciated.

Anyone know how to clean a virus out of a Mac? Don't mind paying for software, if it works very well.

Poor digital hygiene on my part.

I've infected Safari with some evil that keeps popping up ads unless I disable Java. (Losing lots of functionality). I've cleared cache and used CleanMyMac to uninstall an app that I had caught. Still have the problem. Help!

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Please share the following with your school leaders for distribution to parents.

Engage: A conference to engage families in education and technology.

Saturday, October 15 from 9am to Noon
Whiteaker Middle School
1605 Lockhaven Drive NE
Keizer, OR 97303

Information available:
Click: Locations / Salem/Keizer
Posters (PDF): 8.5 x 11 – 2 half-sheet

Thank You!

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Love how this author starts the intro of his new tool.

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Engage Oregon - Salem Call for Presenters

Call for Presenters: Engage Oregon: Technology, Learning, Community. Engaging parents in education technology through seminars, discussions and community connections. The half-day conference is modeled after the Educate Engage Conference presented by Melissa Lim of Portland Public Schools in March 2016. Conference dates are in the works for 2016-17 in Salem, Corvallis, Bend/Redmond and Portland. This call for presenters is for Salem, Saturday, October 15, 2016. That is the day after the Google Summit. Join us at the Google Summit and then stick around for an awesome morning of engaging parents around technology use in education.

More Info Google Doc linked below

Geography lesson tech tools?
I'm teaching in the MAT program at U Alaska this summer and developing some learning modules - each feature a tech tool these folks may use in the future.
I'm looking for a geography - based lesson idea that utilizes a tech tool. Any ideas or models?

Need some help. Does anyone know of a way that a Google Form submitter can edit their responses, but not see the other responders' answers also? Here's the challenge: This editing would be days or weeks later. Any ideas??

Good morning again, we had Alma come out and do a demo for us, pretty impressive. My principal would like to know if any school's nearby are using Alma?

Good morning everyone, my school is looking into Student Information Systems. We are a small K-8, need something web based and customizable. I've researched online, but does anyone have experience with a SIS they really like?
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