((Any Aph China Roleplayers Want to roleplay with my Oc? (hangouts preferred))) !!I know its alot im sorry XDDD!!
Name-Allison Burginsky
nicknames- Alli
h/c(natural)- Platinum blonde 
h/c(dyed)-Pastel Pink
likes-Sweets,tea,Chinese food
dislikes-Loud people,Reading,Spicy food
Family-Ivan Burginsky(father),(mother unknown)
bio-Is Ivan's only daughter...Very Shy young lady and tends to not talk...But she gets a gleam in her eyes when she talks about something she is passionate about...Single and had never had a boyfriend before and doesn't know how to tell the difference from someone being kind from flirting with her....

Lemony RP?

Lemony RP? Plz...

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America is here!

#hetaliacosplay #hetalia 

Any hetalia fans in kentucky who want to start a cosplay group with me? If so join the kik group #kentuckyhetaliacosplay !!! ^u^

'Lo there! 's me! NORTH Ireland!

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Thanks for inviting me! Here's the information on my OC The Repblic of Ireland, it's the same one from my profile feed, she talks in italics))

Name: Republic of Ireland/Poblacht na hÉireann or Lisa O'Neal is her human name.

Age: 15 although she looks about 26

Gender: Female

Birthday: Eh April 24th

Likes: potato dishes such as colcannon (her absolute favorite food), black pudding, alcoholic beverages (mainly beer and whiskey), shamrocks, playing football (soccer in the U.S.), Halloween and Saint Patricks day, the works of Oscar Wilde and studying the mythology of her land.

Dislikes: snakes, heights, crubeens (boiled pigs' feet), England.

Personality: First of all; she is STUBBORN! She's fairly talkative, open, and friendly. She's helpful. She loves to learn about other people and places and gets curious easily.  She's kind, but also has a quick temper. She gets angry EXTREMELY quickly, but just as quick to forgive. She tries to avoid to give face to face criticism (unless it's England) and doesn't like to say "no".  She's affectionate and impulsive. She's fairly superstitious. She often doesn't think before acting. She's also known for being very, very stubborn and set in her ways like I said several times. Just keep in mind don't try to change her mind about her superstitions, just leave her be about those.
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Thanks for the invite!

hi everybody
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