Hello? How to make money for Advcach? Is Stamford trading working normally? Why not give people real information? So long as the money goes up, it creates a lot of uncertainty about the partners. Please tell me the explanation for which you will not be able to pay for that? Please give an immediate response!

How can it get my money by advakash or another payment system?


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Due to celebration of the first birthday of the Company, we are launching the promotional offer aimed at the increase of Investors’ and Partners’ income!

For Investors, the bonus will be accrued at the moment of creation of a new investment (and for the programs providing a possibility of replenishment of active current investments — also at replenishment). It will be added to the volume of a body of a newly created investment, therefore, it will give two advantages at once:

- upon termination of the investment validity period, the Investor will receive an investment body together with a bonus;
- during the investment validity period, an increased income will be accrued to the Investor (due to addition of a bonus to an investment body).

Partners will earn partner rewards according to their status level, however, the size of these rewards will be calculated according to the increased (due to addition of a bonus) volume of investments.

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Dear Partners and Investors!

We would like to draw additional attention of Partners and Investors to the new opportunities available to you.

Any Partner who attracts in his first line the volume of new investments of $10000 or more after September 25, 2017, will now earn the increased partner rewards, and this increase is really substantial: by 20% of the previous values. Transition to the higher level of partner remunerations will be carried out (at achievement of the specified volume of the involved investments in the first line) automatically.

Any Investor who creates new active investments of $2000 and more after 27.09.2017 can:

- Transfer them to the improved investment programs (with the increased profitability) by clicking on the Investment Upgrade button in Investment Details;
- Create new investments by the improved investment programs: Conservative PLUS, Moderate PLUS, Aggressive PLUS.

What is more, irrespective of the total volume of investment, and also of a line of investment programs (standard or improved), each investor can have an opportunity of monthly capitalization of investment body by 3% per month, which, undoubtedly, will influence positively the current income.

The raised profit is also offered now by the premium programs (with the fixed profitability).

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Company Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. invites you to the main corporate event of 2017: the first international congress in Istanbul, which will be held on November 24-25, 2017 in the five-star hotel Conrad Istanbul (part of the Hilton network).

In the main program of the event:

- latest news of the Company (statistics, results of work, development plans);
- the opportunity to communicate with the top management of the Company;
- announcement of a new large-scale investment program
- awarding of outstanding Company Partners
- a lottery of valuable prizes among the participants of the event
- Innovative Leadership Seminar
- networking of the participants of the event
- demonstration of the newest version of the automated trading platform.

The cultural program includes:

- Visiting the sights of one of the oldest and most beautiful capitals of the world;
- a gala dinner and a gala evenig celebration at a finest restaurant;
- boad trip, and much more.

Program of the event (on days):

November 24 — Congress (includes 2 coffee-breaks, a gala dinner);
November 25 — cultural program (including, a walk on the ship) and a gala dinner.

For Partners and Investors Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. — is a great opportunity for live communication with the top management of the Company, as well as finding new useful business contacts and prospects for the development of your business.

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Dear Partners and Investors,

the representatives of Management and Directorate of the highest managing Partners (leaders) of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. have issued an offer to set the time for money withdrawal on a weekly basis. After a serious and comprehensive discussion of this offer, the Management of the Company has made the decision on accepting it and setting the following rules concerning money withdrawal.

Money withdrawal will be available every Tuesday: from 0:00:00 till 23:59:59, Central European time, (CET or GMT+1). The GMT+1 time zone has been chosen because it covers Berlin, Paris and some other large European capitals, and in this region, as well as in the regions with slightly different time zones, not less than 75% of Users of the Company live.

It gives the Partners of the Company the chance of receiving additional commissions without any efforts because the part of money that will not be withdrawn has a good chance of being invested in new investment or partner programs, and consequently, will bring an additional income.

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Dear Partners and Investors!

As you already know, in the process of its steady progressive development, Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. adheres to a policy of comprehensive support for the Partners, for their business, and for the development of the partner network as a whole, as a high-priority, key direction. Due to the growth of the Company's overall capitalization, as well as the amount of funds available for automatic trading systems (including both own and clients’ funds), we have managed to significantly increase the profitability of the existing investment programs, which, in its turn, allows us to raise partner reward rates for all the eight levels of the structure.

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. is ready to provide the increased partner commission to any Partner who will satisfy the conditions mentioned below.

The increase in the commissions (for each level) makes 20% of a former amount (for example, the amount of partner remuneration for the Agent status level at the first level of structure has made 7.8% versus earlier 6.5%).

Here are some simple calculations according to the table set before. The total volume of partner payments:

for the Agent status level makes 22.49% (versus earlier 18.74%);
for the Marketing director status level makes 29.22% (versus earlier 24.53%);
for the Managing director status level makes 33.73% (and more) (versus earlier 28.11%).

To receive the increased partner commission, the Partner (over the course of unlimited time, since September 25, 2017) should attract new investments with the total amount of $10000 in the 1st line of his structure. At the same time, it does not matter whether these will be one or several big investments, or a lot of small ones. As soon as the specified volume is reached, the Partner will be forever transferred to a higher level of Partner remunerations. The increased volumes of partner remunerations are constant, therefore their validity period is unlimited (and introduction of the raised partner commission is not a single action).

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Dear Investors and Partners,

as you probably already know, the Department of Development of Trading Systems constantly improves and updates the current investment algorithms. Up to the present moment these updates have had the form of minor improvements, but today we can declare that the quantity has developed into quality. Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. declares the start of new investment programs:


These programs’ profitability has been significantly increased in comparison with the previous values. You can see the factual figures of old and new investment programs on the «Investors» page (in the nearest future).

Such opportunity is provided for those investors who have active (existing) old-pattern investment programs and wish to switch them to the new (increased) profitability. For this purpose, they should invest an additional sum of $2000 or more (in one or several investments, including the Investor Fix Re-Invest and Partner Fix Re-Invest programs). The investment validity period (upon transition from old-pattern programs to the new ones) will remain the same as was chosen during investment creation, but the counting will be carried out from the moment of transition to a higher profitability (that means that in practice the investment validity period will be extended).

The increased profitability will be available to all newly created investments on condition of presence of the total amount of investments of $2000 (it will be possible to create an investment with the old investment programs – «Aggressive», «Moderate» and «Conservative» – at any time, as before).
For programs:

Investor Fix Re-Invest;
Partner Fix Re-Invest and

the profitability also increases in comparison with the previous rate (from the moment of publication of this news the raised investment income will accrue upon all operating and newly created investments of these types).

For all existing investment programs (except programs with the fixed profitability: Fixed, Partner Fix Re-Invest, Investor Fix Re-Invest) there is an opportunity of investment body capitalization by 3% monthly. This service is optional. The possibility of capitalization is available in the «Master» to the newly created investments right upon their creation. To the operating investments it is available in the “Investment Details” (Personal Account / Investments / List of Investments / Details). When capitalization is activated for an already operating investment, then the first increase of investment body will be carried out right on the first working day after the choice of this option if 1 calendar month has passed from the moment of acceptance of investment to management, and after that every month since this date, and the profit will cease to be paid from the current incomplete week and will be paid upon termination of investment validity period.

Furthermore, the investment income will be collected, but not be paid weekly. The increased deposit body along with all saved-up (increased) income on this investment can be received upon the termination of investment validity period.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the increase in investment body by 3% gives an additional effect – the monthly additional growth of investment profit (by means of the increased investment body volume).

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