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Africa engine oil market size was estimated at over 2 million tons in 2015. Africa lubricant market size witnessed an increase of 1.1% of total consumption in 2014. +Global Market Insights Inc. +engine oil

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Quality Imported Engine Oil products in Pakistan
Our Head Office is in Islamabad. We Provide Business Service and Distributions In Pakistan and around the globe. We Specialize in Commerce, marketing and sale of Engine Oil.
Head office address: 1st Floor Shakir Plaza Chatha Bakhtawar Park Road Chak Shahzad Islamabad
Tel: +92512321515

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Thankyou goes to truck owner Shabbir Khan for sharing this:
I am not a mechanic or any type of expert, I am just a self employed truck driver just trying to save a buck. Rocker cover off to fix an oil leak on my truck, the interesting part is the oil itself. I have done nearly 46,000kms on this oil change, in comparison to previous oil I had to change every 10,000 kms, this stuff is still very viscous with no greasy black film over parts and no sludge build up. I have been raving on about this stuff but I wasn't expecting such a good color, and this is a truck that gets a bloody good flogging every day. I now use RHINO in all my vehicle's not just the truck, so I really can say this stuff is fantastic, thanks Rhino not only have you saved my engines but you have saved service is a photo of what I found when I pulled off the rocker cover. #Rhino #Engine #Oil


Independent oil analysis results for a 2005 BA Ford Falcon Ute 4.0 litre 6 cylinder. This car travels regularly between Broken Hill and Adelaide in #Pakistan towing a fully loaded trailer in both directions.
20,000kms on #Rhino 10w30 and the owner has seen an improvement in Fuel Economy of 6% !!!
Absolutely no engine wear ! and the Rhino motor oil is in perfect condition

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Rhino Lubricants Visit Imported engine oil website launched in Pakistan

Motor engine oil in pakistan make a trend #Rhino

Rhino Engine oil distribution available around Pakistan contact us for further details or visit

Rhino Imported Engine oil for Motor Bikes in Pakistan
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