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Ask about holding a lead position! (Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat)

Allegiance Chart

Leader: MossStar |6 Lives| (M-Blake)
Deputy: AutumnFrost (M-Blake)
Medicine Cat(s): ToadStep (M-Blake)
Medicine Cat Apprentice(s):
Warrior(s): CrookedFang (M-Blake) || ThornBristle (F-Blake) || PrideFallow (M-Blake) || FeatheredLeap (F-Blake) || EbonyPelt (M-Blake) || SparkLight (F-Mwilithea)
Apprentice(s): DuskPaw (Stargazer)

Leader: MoonStar |9 Lives| (F-Blake)
Deputy: SunSpirit (M-Blake)
Medicine Cat(s): CricketSong (F-Blake)
Medicine Cat Apprentice(s):
Warrior(s): SwiftWillow (F-Blake) || FernWhistle (M-Blake) || DuskMarrow (M-Blake) || AmberPelt (F-Stargazer) || PigeonSong (F-Fennec) || FallenBranch (M-Batty)
Queen(s): FernQuiver (F-Blake)
Apprentice(s): CloverPaw (F-Blake)
Kit(s): MapleKit (F-Blake) || MudKit (M-Blake) || SpiderKit (M-Blake)

Leader: YewStar |2 Lives| (M-Blake)
Deputy: SnaggledVine (M-Blake)
Medicine Cat(s): CrowBerry (M-Fennec)
Medicine Cat Apprentice(s): RavenTalon (F-Blake)
Warrior(s): PineWhisker (M-Blake) || LichenMuzzle (M-Blake) || HailBristle (F-Blake) || FangStrike (F-Fennec) || GrayCloud (F-Stargazer) || PeachFrost (F-Blake) || TawnyFoot (M-Blake)
Apprentice(s): FinchPaw (M-Blake)
Kit(s): BrushKit (F-Blake)

Leader: MinnowStar |5 Lives| (M-Blake)
Deputy: HawkSkipper (M-Blake)
Medicine Cat(s): RippleFlank (M-Blake)
Medicine Cat Apprentice(s):
Warrior(s): JaggedClaw (M-Blake) || GnatQuiver (F-Blake) || LilyNap (F-Blake) || BrokenEye (Stargazer) || FlintSkipper (M-Blake)
Elder(s): BeaverPelt (M-Blake)
Queen(s): DapplePelt (F-Blake)
Apprentice(s): BarkPaw (F-Shooshie)

Cats Without Clan
Rogue(s): OwlStep (F-Blake)

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>< }{ Ҭђἷṩ Ғἷłἔ Ṃᾄẏ Ƈὄᾗҭᾄἷᾗ ᾋ Vἷʀὗṩ }{ ><

>< }{ Ẃὄὗłḋ ẏὄὗ łἷќἔ ҭὄ ὄῥἔᾗ ҭђἷṩ ғἷłἔ? }{ ><


[ғιℓє ℓσα∂ιиg....]
█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ [5%]
███▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ [10%]
█████▒▒▒▒▒ [30%]
███████▒▒▒ [50%]
██████████ [100%]


Theme Song

❝ ❞



❝We use dock leaves for that, right?❞





➜Future Names➜
Badgertuft, Badgermoon, or Badgerpool

➜Previous Names➜


➜Name Definitions➜
Badger- Appearance of a badger
Paw- Rank



➜Sexual Orientation➜

➜Sexuality Definition➜
Sexually attracted to those of the opposite gender


➜Current Age➜
7 Moons

➜Date of Birth➜
September 7th

➜Age at Death➜

➜Status at Death➜

➜Cause of Death➜


➜Birth Stone➜

➜Astrological Sign➜


➜General Appearance Description➜
Badgerpaw is a tiny, slender, delicate featured white and gray tom with no tail and large icy blue-green eyes.

➜Body Type➜
Semi-Foreign - This cat body type produces slender cats with slightly round faces, more long than wide.  Their noses are straight, shorter muzzle and no large ears (Source:

➜Main Pelt Color➜

Gray patch(es)

➜Fur Length➜

➜Fur Texture➜

➜Tail Length➜

➜Left Eye Color➜

➜Right Eye Color➜



➜Current Clan➜

➜Past Clan➜

➜Future Clan➜

➜Current Rank➜
Medicine Cat Apprentice

➜Past Ranks➜

➜Future Ranks➜
Medicine Cat


Unfortunately, it’s usually very difficult for Badgerpaw to find motivation. He’s tends to carry about his work just trying to “get through”. Though at times where he is motivated, it tends to root from his clan-mates’ dependence on him.

(I’m not quite sure, because I couldn’t find a profile. Please tell me if you own his mentor and I’ll edit this ewe)



➜Biological Mother➜
Shallowpool - Rank and Location Unknown - A petite white she-cat covered in gray speckles with large blue eyes - My OC

➜Biological Father➜
Eclipse - Rank and Location Unknown - A large, solid scarred gray tom with a white chest and white paws, a single blind eye, and one working turquoise hue.

➜Foster Mother➜

➜Foster Father➜
Nightfeather - Alive - Warrior - Thunderclan - A gray and white tuxedo tom cat with forest green eyes - NPC



➜Foster Sister(s)➜

➜Foster Brother(s)➜



➜Other Kin➜
Rookshade (M), Sagewater (F), Oliveleaf (F) - Half Siblings
Shadewing - Half Sister


❥Best Friend❥
N/A - Open uwu

❥Current Crush❥
N/A - Opened With Development

❥Past Crush❥

❥Current Mate❥

❥Past Mate❥

❥Mate Interests❥




➜General Personality➜
In general, Badgerpaw is an extremely intelligent apprentice. Considering his age, he has a surprising amount of knowledge. Though, despite this, he tends to doubt each and ever thing he does, redoing everything he does, regardless of whether he’s told it’s well done. He is a hard-worker, so much so that he tends to forget to live, and does nothing but work.

➜First Impression➜
It’s often very hard to get through to Badgerpaw, as communicating isn’t always very easy for him. So often, when others first meet him, it is often irritating when they can barely communicate with him.

Badgerpaw aspires to be a good medicine cat, even if he doesn’t express it.

Badgerpaw has a very dull outlook on most of his life, and only seems to find joy in his work.

➜Main Traits➜
- Loyal
- Intelligent
- Hardworking
- Analytical
- Shy
- Overly-Critical
- Worrisome
- All Work-No Play





Medicine Cat Den





✖Least Favorites✖


Mouse Bile




Doesn’t dislike anybody in particular.








➺ W.I.P (I got lazy :’)




❆Art Credit❆
+/・ThUnDeRoUrS CoSmIc Lights・ (A R T)

✎Template Credit✎

✨Oc Credit✨


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RippleFlank WIP

P2U Base Lines by DogManiac (DeviantArt)

You see a kit walking around lost

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//Template by Blake Leavon//

//General Information//
Current Name: TawnyFoot
Nickname: Tawny
Former Name(s): TawnyKit, TawnyPaw
Age: 43 Moons
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: A large battle scarred tom with dark amber eyes and a mute brown tabby pelt and a black bobbed tail.
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Warrior
Apprentice: --
Mentor: --

Kit(s): FinchPaw, BrackenKit (Deceased)
Mother: --
Father: --
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Friend(s): --
Enemy(s): --
Crush(s): PeachFrost
Mate: PeachFrost
Other Relationships: --
Former Relationship(s): --

Likes: His Clan Mates, Dandelions, Sun Bathing, His Family, Vole.
Dislikes: Getting His Paws Wet, Leaf Bare, Snow, Cold Weather.
Fear(s): Losing his family or Clan Mates.
Personality: A bossy male with a sharp attitude and strict Clan loyalty
Goal(s): To one day lead ShadowClan.
Habit(s): Pics at his wounds way too much.

//Skills/Flaws out of 10//
Agility: 3/10
Climbing: 2/10
Swimming: 1/10
Fighting: 8/10
Hearing: 6/10
Hunting: 9/10
Scenting: 5/10
Stealth: 7/10
Strength: 10/10
Digging: 3/10

Notable Events: Became PeachFrost's Mate. Became father of BrackenKit (Deceased) and FinchKit (Currently FinchPaw). Lost BrackenKit to Green Cough.
Full Bio: OPEN IN RP

P2U Base Lines were created by DogManiac (DeviantArt)

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//General Information//
Current Name: SunSpirit
Nickname: Sunshine
Former Name(s): SunKit, SunPaw
Age: 47 Moons
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: A tom with a golden and brown patched pelt with ginger stripes, a bushy tail, and bright hazel eyes and a few scars around his lower flank.
Clan: WindClan
Rank: Deputy
Apprentice: --
Mentor: --

Kit(s): CloverPaw
Mother: --
Father: --
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Friend(s): --
Enemy(s): --
Crush(s): --
Mate: --
Other Relationships: --
Former Relationship(s): OwlStep (Former Mate)

Likes: Morning Glory's, Rabbit, Hunting, Naps.
Dislikes: Battles, Frog, Mud.
Fear(s): That one day CloverPaw will leave to join her mother OwlStep as a loner.
Personality: Loyal and fully devoted, completely dedicated to his Clan and young daughter CloverPaw, her mother having left the clans in worry of her own safety.
Goal(s): --
Habit(s): --

//Skills/Flaws out of 10//
Agility: 7/10
Climbing: 8/10
Swimming: 2/10
Fighting: 7/10
Hearing: 5/10
Hunting: 9/10
Scenting: 4/10
Stealth: 2/10
Strength: 5/10
Digging: 3/10

Notable Events: Became the WindClan Deputy. Became a father of CloverKit (Currently CloverPaw). Left by his former mate OwlStep, who took CloverKit with her. Reunited with his Kit.
Full Bio: OPEN IN RP

P2U Base Lines were created by DogManiac (DeviantArt)

((Mate possibility?))

Fallenbranch's ears twitched as his stomach fur brushed the overgrown grass, his vibrant green eyes almost matching the grass. The thudding of the rabbit's heart thudded in his ears as he stared at his prey. One paw stepping in front of the other. Silence. Closer. The rabbit looked up, meeting his eyes. It began to bound away. In a heartbeat, the tabby began the chase. He was about to catch it. Closer. He could taste it. Suddenly, N/A's force knocked into him, bowling him over, knocking the wind out of his longs. Furiously, he watched his catch hop away then spat in a fit of fury, clawing at N/A's face. N/A...

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((Ugh finally making a profile. Before beginning, I would like to say, I would LOVE more art of this baby))

_//Template by Blake Leavon: Art by +Elliot Rhunion and +Batty the Flareon


//General Information//
Current Name: Fallenbranch
Nickname: Fall
Former Name(s): Fallenkit | Fallenpaw
Age: 39 Moons (Will change throughout RP)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Golden and white tabby
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Warrior
Mentor: Former (Bumblestep--RIP, Claimed by Greencough)
Kit(s): --- (Open in RP)
Mother: Tabby Tort (Goldendrop-- Elder)
Father: Red short fur (Blazebound - RIP, killed in battle)
Brother(s): Quickpaw (RIP, accidental death at the paws of a kittypet) Breezeburn (Warrior)
Sister(s): Splitshoulder (Disabled: incurable injury in shoulder, helps out queens) Violetpaw (RIP, killed by a Riverclan apprentice) Sleetbound (Rogue medicine cat, RIP, killed in a badger attack)
Friend(s): --- (Open in RP)
Enemy(s): --- (Open in RP)
Crush(s): --- (Open in RP)
Mate: --- (Open in RP)
Other Relationships: --- (Open in RP)
Former Relationship(s): --- None
Likes: Splitshoulder, Breezeburn, hunting, kits, and windy days
Dislikes: RiverClan, Kittypets, Badgers, and dogs
Fear(s): Being out casted, loosing another sibling
Personality: Friendly, Leadership attitude, shy around cats he doesn't know, paranoid, worrisome, and stubborn.
Goal(s): To protect his living siblings
Habit(s): Paws at the ground when nervous, avoid eye contact sometimes
//Skills/Flaws out of 10//
Agility: 7/10
Climbing: 6/10
Swimming: 4/10
Fighting: 8/10
Hearing: 9/10
Hunting: 6/10
Scenting: 3/10
Stealth: 5/10
Strength: 7/10
Digging: 2/10
Notable Events: - Death of Quickpaw, Violetpaw, and Sleetbound, Sleetbound leaving, injury of Splitshoulder.
Full Bio: - Fallenbranch, Splitshoulder, Sleetbound, and Breezeburn were all the same age. Though most cats thought that Fallenbranch and Breezeburn would get along the best, Fallenbranch got along better with Sleetbound. Sleetbound showed an obvious interest in medicine, while her brothers and Splitshoulder veered to the warrior path. However, Sleetbound confided in her brother that she didn't really feel at home in a clan, and grew more and more saddened about having to stay there. Soon after she began to confide in him, an epidemic of yellow and Greencough broke through the camp. Though Sleetbound and the medicine cat at the time worked to save as many cats as possible, the illness claimed the lives of Bumblestep and two other cats. Soon after, Sleetbound left without warning. Fallenbranch, grief-stricken by the death of his mentor and Sleetbound's leaving of the clan, finished his training with Breezeburn and his mentor. Sleetbound soon came to visit in the dead of the night, much to Fallenbranch's surprise, and informed him that StarClan had given her the name of Sleetbound. Fallenbranch was so happy for her, wanted to come with her, but she warned him that he must stay there, the clan needed him. He prophecy rang true, because not long after she came to visit, Badgers attacked the WindClan camp. The warriors fought bravely, but Splitshoulder was scratched deeply in the shoulder and the medicine cat informed them this: that they could close the wound, but it would leave a permanent scar and the pain would always be there and give her a limp, therefore she wouldn't be able to perform her warrior duties. Moments after, an eerie yowl sounded across camp that was Goldendrop's. Fallenbranch sprinted to the place she stood, and gaped with grief and shock. Sleetbound's white body flecked with gold lay motionless. She had been coming to help, and was struck down by a badger.
A few moons passed, and Goldendrop announced she was having another litter. However, Blazebound was killed shortly after in battle. Though in grief, Goldendrop had two kits, a tom and a she-cat, named Quickkit and Violetkit. The two soon got to be apprentices, but, sadly, they never got any further. Quickpaw had been on patrol when he saw a kittypet. He started chasing him off the territory when they got into a fight, and the kittypet fought back. Later, when cats from the clan came to find him and question about the apprentice's murder, the cat had said that he hadn't meant to kill Quickpaw, only hurt the apprentice so he could get away. Fallenbranch was there. They let the kittypet live with the blood on his paws. Violetpaw had been on the RiverClan boarder when she had seen a rogue kit stray over. She had gone to get him, and an apprentice killed her before she had a chance to explain.
3 Photos - View album

Name: Sunkit
Gender: male
Age/Zodiac/Birthday: 1/4 (3 moons), Taurus, April 25
Personality: Overexcited Happy and Cheerful
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Illnesses/Disabilities: None
Fun Facts:
-No current clan
-no siblings or parents

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⧫⋄⧫This Template Belongs to Rᴇɴ ツ⧫⋄⧫

【F i l e L o a d i n g . . .】









{||❃❁❃Memorable Quote❃❁❃||}
"behind every beautiful thing.. there is always some kind of pain..."
please do not use this quote for it was given to me by my big sister

【Insert name】
- Barkpaw -
☾ N a m e☽

✧Current Name:
- Barkpaw
✧Previous Name:
- Barkkit
✧Future Name:
- Unknown as of now
- Bark
✧Prefix Origin:
Bark= Bark is for her fur coloring
✧Suffix Origin:
Kit= For her past rank in her clan
- Paw= For her current rank in the clan

☾ G e n e r a l☽

- 6 moons of age
✦Mental Age:
- 10 moons
✦Physical Age:
- 6 moons

- Dam=Female cat
- She/Her
- Straight

✦Current Clan:
- Riverclan
✦Former Clan(s):
✦Future Clan(s):
- Unknown

✦Current Rank:
- Apprentice
✦Former Rank(s):
- kit
✦Future Rank(s):
- Deputy
- Leader

☾ K i n / F a m i l y☽

- Roseskip
- Dawneye
- Spiderclaw
- Fawncloud

- Applefur
- Abby
- Minnowmoss
- Darkeye

- Open for one more

- Nightpaw

- Too young





☾ R e l a t i o n s h i p s☽

- Open
- Open
- Open

☾ P e r s o n a☽

- Positive Traits
- Outgoing
- Motherish like
- Slightly skittish
- Fishcat she loves to be in or near water
- Slightly quiet
- Small flirt
_smol beal will try to turn herself into a ball or fluff ball
- Negative Traits
- Slightly snappy
- Small drama queen
- Will judge others for how they first act
- Bit of a fox She will grow out of it once she is a warrior
- Can get annoyed fast

- She mainly likes...
- Storms
- Playing in mud puddles
- Chasing her friends around
- Playing in caves
- Being near the ones she loves most
- Seeing the stars reflect from the top of the water
- Seeing the wildlife untouched by cats
- She mostly hates...
- Blood
- Death
- Seeing her mother and father fight or anyone fight
- Near hot weather
- Harsh/cold cats
- Snakes
- Loud mouth cats

☾ B i o g r a p h y☽

✦Kit~Hood 0 ~ 6 Moons✧
As a kit, Barkkit was a more of a.. solemn kit. She barely likes the fact of playing with the other kits since all she heard her mother say is that all kits are nothing but mice that won't stay quiet.
But she always wanted to make friends with a few, but she was afraid that her mother would criticize her for her actions. But at sometimes in her life when it is her father that is watching her or another queen, she would always run off to play with a tortie kit.
But as she slowly grew into a more grown~kit, she slowly started to leave her mother's side and turn into a more playful kit. She would always chase, play~n~fight or just play moss~ball with the others. But as she grew she knew that her mother would not always be there as she grows.
[more kit memories will be unlocked during her apprentice life~]
✦Apprentice~Ship 6 ~ 14 Moons✧
- Starts now
✦Warrior~Hood 14 ~ and up✧


☾ C r e d i t s☽
✧Template Owner: Rᴇɴ ツ
Ask to use
Design by a friend and me
base by ABrandNewColony
✧Characters Mentioned:

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