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Good day, my fellow helghans. As you well know, I am Jorhan Stahl. This is, something of a rarity for me because, speeches are not my forte, but honesty, is....Today I join you in this struggle against the union. My reasons, are simple yet difficult to explain....So I wont waste your time with complex words or sentences....I know I have been cruel and unjust. Selfish, and seeking destruction to all who disagree with me. I have struggled in this attempt, with my ultimate goal being nothing less than complete galactic domination. I wish not to say here or mention, any more my exact, plans for I'd prefer not to speak of them further.....I see, a different view now and that's all that counts.....My mind is set on another path, no thanks to a particular person.....She released me from this prison of mine. This prison of pride, hatred, and self love....I did not realize it till I looked deep into her eye's....I saw myself....A monster, and,.. I was too cowardly and too stubborn to admit it....I regret all those things. It took me a while to realize....But I see it more and more every day, a clear path every time I look into those eye's......Now I only wish that I be excepted as at least, a friend. I am welling to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of helghan and its people. My technology would be used to defend, not to slaughter the innocent, be they from earth or any other planet other then my own. This a promise you!....Helghan, will be great again!!!

+Reigna Tomlinson

Good day, my fellow Helghans! I have an announcement to make.
Today we welcome a new member in our company. One whom we have feared, distrusted and believed to be a great enemy, is now one to welcome, as a friend and trusted asset.
Many years have we lived in fear of not being strong enough to defeat our enemy. Strong enough to defend our homes and loved ones there dwelling.
But I say to you. NO MORE!!!... No more will we live in fear! No more will we doubt our strength! That all ends, today! Today, our once greatest enemy, will unite with us and help keep the Union, at bay!
From this day forward... He and I will work together, and build the finest armory, the halghast will ever now. Our weapons and technology will be upgraded to a higher level. The scales, will tip to our favor!!!

Now I would like to welcome him, our dear chairman, Jorhan Stahl, who is very pleased to become our CEO.

+Krobius TheBlind

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Name: Zephyra Ranger
Nickname: Cavalier
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Centaurian.
Species description: Human body, with ears and a tail that resembles a horse.
Hair color: Light brown with red tint.
Eye color: Light brown with green specks.
Height: 5.3
Weight: 128lbs
Home planet: Centaurious.
Rank: None
Division: None
Weapon: Katana, and StA-52 assault rifle that she rarely keeps on her person.
Looks: As shown in the pictures. Wears her armor when in ceremony, or action. Third picture to the right is how she dresses on a regular basis. Red scarf wrapped around her neck and dropped over the back of her shoulder, light blue shawl, cut arm sleeves and finger-less gloves, short open dress with belt, and slim pants with leg straps, and laced boots.
Personality: Shy, kind, gentle, can be awkward at times, and keeps to herself a lot.
Likes: Music, singing, riding, being creative, drawing, and to be with good honest people.
Dislikes: Rudeness, self centered people, inappropriate jokes and comments, and dark places.

Horse's name: Aviatrix.
Nickname: Warhorse
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Breed: Andalusian.
Coat color: White.

Bio: One of the rarest and not well known creatures in the galaxy. Centaurians have rarely traveled away from their home world Centaurious, a hidden and somewhat remote planet. They prefer to stay close to their home, therefor they are rarely seen abroad, or even heard of. Zephyra was born on Centaurious and grew up on earth. Her parents were killed when she was very young.(How they died is unknown) Zephyra studied technology and science of her own planet Centaurious, and created her own company called, Dark Horse Industries. DHI. Dark Horse works mainly as a Red Cross more then anything really. Manufacturing is also performed, but very little research has got it crawling on it's knees. Zephyra now only uses it as a charity community, but hopes to one day use it for more greater things, for the goodness of all.
She heard of the mass starvation and horror on the planet Helghan and decided to go to the planet and help relieve the sufferings of it's people. That is why she joined the Helghast army.
She designed her horse's armor, and her own armor, using Stahl's Technology, and adding a bit of her own research. She is new to Helghan and hopes to be well acquainted with it's leaders etc. Her work with Stahl Arms was only acquired through studying Stahl's work when she was bored while trying to study Helghan's culture and familiarize herself with it's history.

My art by the way! =D

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