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Name: jayke skywalker(darth tyrancus)

Gender: male

Age: 21

Species: human

Hair brown

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120 lbs

Birthplace: coruscant

Base planet: none

Allies: the stomtroopers captain hound commander cody, 501st troopers of the empire , ahsoka, cad the sith lord , starkiller, captain BLY,and commander FIL the young pirates are still sith padawans,,kylo ren the sith high council ,the sith order, new sith order, R2-D5 (Astromech droid) C 9PO the helper droid

Special skills: skilled with lightsaber, experienced pilot

Transport: jayke skywalker sith starfighter

Transport equipment: pilot droid, blaster cannons, hyperspace, shielding add (100% to the armor)

Weapons: one red lightsaber

Armor: sith tunic and clone armor

talents: abilitly with the force;`expert pilot; knack for fixing machines

Force abilities: force push, force jump, force choke, force grapple, force lighting, Force Repulse,

bio: i have survived order 66 of the jedi order when the jedi took over right when sith had to survived. some sith survived and then i have take on a sith apprentice name jessica davis and she good at his training and i am training her very well
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