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We Are Going To Create A Better World Underground Away From Society,Our Own Laws And The Way We Live.´╗┐Neverland City

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When You Get The Key To Neverland City From The Mole,We Call Him The Mole As He Is The Creator Of Neverland City And Also The keeper Of Neverland City.You Will Be Given A New Name When You Enter Neverland City,This Name Is Your Key A Tattoo To Enter Neverland City,There Are 2 Guards At The Entrance You Have To Show Them The Tattoo And Your Code Name.Once You Get Access You Walk For 10mins To The Entrance Of Neverland City.

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The Secret Underground Cities Owned By The Mole People

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Neverland City Is A Peaceful Place Were There Is No Crime,Everyone Is The Same,We All Help Each Other No Matter What,We Look After Everyone And Everyone In Neverland City Looks After Each Other As Brothers And Sisters.Neverland City Is A Secret Underground City,You Need To Know Someone To Enter Neverland City.The RULE Is Never Tell No One Were The Access Is,Or You Will Be Banished From Neverland City Or Imprisoned Underground For Ever Without Freedom,We Will Feed You Bath You And Make You Welcome In Neverland City But You Will End Your Days In Neverland City As A Jon Doe,When You Die We Will Contact Your Family Were We Will Lay Your Body So They Can Arrange Your Place Of Rest.

The Uk Government Made These People Homeless,They Had Nowhere To Go,The Streets Were Dangerous For The Homeless,So They Went Underground And Created There Own Cities In The Underground,They Are Now There Own Civilisation Away From The Upworld They Call Hell On Earth.

Mole people is a term used to refer to homeless people living under large cities in abandoned subway, railroad, flood, and sewage tunnels and heating shafts. These people are also sometimes referred to as ghost walkers and ghost watches,a new kind of society of freedom fighter who exploit the government and the conspiracies of ufos aliens and government conspiracies,they have resources such as laptops that the ghost walkers use to hack the government computer systems all over the world.area 51 know about the ghost walkers and other military governments,they try and shut them down,but the ghost walkers are always a step ahead of there knowledge of being convicted as freedom fighters of the truth.

The underground mole people, I cant really say to much as I don't know if the emails will be
tracked, I can tell you this tho,they operate in a old station that has been closed for
years,there's a old man hole about a mile away that they access,this way they don't have to go
through the main door of the old station to the underground,some of the people are
homeless,and many came from cardboard city in London,now cardboard city is closed down by the
government,they all went underground,its like a private society,were they also grow there own
food vegetable's and cannabis to fund themselves,there is over 30 homeless people there and
also 15 of the underground mole members,some of the homeless are now called John does,and
some are on the missing peoples list,they gain there electric through the national grid that
is all wired up to a box that bypasses the live line,that way they can not be traced,there
are living quarters and the beds they lay on are Polystyrene so it keeps them warm at night.
There is a section in the underground were there is 5 professional hackers, we call these 5
hackers -1-2-3-4-5 - know as Ghost Walkers, the homeless stay at the underground as Ghost
watchers, who look out for the Ghost Walkers, as in the government eyes these people are dead
or are on the missing person list. The information that the Ghost Walkers get, they meet up
with certain people online that are into ufology alienology, word did get about that the
underground is shared with a hybrid in which the hybrid goes by the name AKA-Also Known As.
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