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Hi Members my Name is Dan I am a Energy Efficiency and Enviro Consultant. I want raise your awareness to review these new options for your operations please we seek your support and learning now on this Tech big Engines

We have finally Advanced our Unit now and have them Shipping, these are Ideal for People who use Gasoline or diesel if you are one of those please change to Hydrogen on Demand.  

Suitable for All People and Businesses,  Car Taxi Van Bike Truck Boat Ship Maritime Mining Engine from 1 ltrs to 80 Ltr   Please Support Save  Money on Fuel and Breath Easy Enjoy our short presentation.  PLease Share to other group or business people 

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Dear Members 
For  communities to have clean air
Visit Solar  Hydrogen Energy Storage

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NEW  7.5 -12 Litre Split Gas Units are now Shipping 
$3900 includes shipping 24 kg with all parts Ideal for solar , generators and marine or trucks   #hydrogen #generator #boat  #marine #truck #fuel  #maker #supplementation # injection #hho  

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Help  Us Change All engines Because You can    #HHODIY

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Stanley Meyer Flame less Home Heater Water Boiler Unit Design  Join our forum here and help replicate stans fine work
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- Quote from: TonyWoodside on March 20, 2011, 03:43:58 am ---No I've never seen any of the circuits in the GMS. It's definitely not a 555, for one he shows in the schematic that there are 10 connections, a 555 only  has 8 pins. The reason for the logic gates and the capacitor are to convert the duty cycles of the incoming puts to a very short pulse duty cycle to be used as a trigger for the 74122 chip. Once I finish putting this circuit together, I will show u guys what I'm talking about.

- End quote -

@ Tony:
Thanks for being understanding...ive been trying to figure this control circuit out for a year or more...
heres a question to consider based on the diagram attached...

If Fig. (12 or 9xB) is the clock that times the whole circuit... that goes to point "G"
Point "G" is the Figure 2  "GAS PEDAL" mechanical PWM

Stans design used a variable duty cycle to provide more or less hydroxy gas based on throttle position

point "G" becomes a 10% - 90% duty cycle at a given clock frequency which is sent to TWO outputs ( M & M1 )

"M" goes on the top side of the VIC through fig 3 & 4 to create a variable voltage which is adjustable to provide a minimum idle speed at the low end and a maximum 12 volts at the passing speed / full throttle / 90% duty cycle setting

"M1" goes to the bottom side through figure 6 and on to PLL / resonant scanner / pulse pickup / and the result goes to the bottom or "Ground" / "negative" side of the VIC coil through Fig 5

Here is the question... if the clock frequency at the input of figure2 is fixed and the pulse width is variable at the same clock frequency... wont the trigger from the NORs on fig6 stay at a fixed frequency regardless of the throttle position

therefore wont the gating be fixed?

I believe the gating of the signal going into or stepping on the PLL frequency needed to follow the figure 2 Pulse Width to provide a Hydrogen output range from idle to full W.O.T. ( wide open throttle)???

SO the way i see it is this, there are 3 parameters at work in the system:

1. variable positive voltage tied to gas pedal from 1, 2, or 3 volts to 12 ( based on idle requirement) to top of coil

2. resonant frequency based on pulse pickup being generated and sent to figure 5 via PLL ( not controlled by figure 2)

3. additional gas output control based on variable GATING that "steps on " the PLL signal sent to figure 5 that is determined by Figure 2 PWM or throttle position

do i have the flow chart figured out correctly?
( see attached)
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