Anyone get GTAV?

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Uesugi campaign is damn hard on TWS2.

I played the new Rome 2, a bit different from its predecessor. Has anyone tried it yet?

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look what i found haha

Trying the Technic mod for the first time. I have a Tekkit server up so feel free to join.

Patch 1.0.5
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Planning on downloading and giving FF14 Reborn beta a try. I'll drop a review of its current status.

Despite Infestation's buggy gameplay, frequent server maintenances and childish community the game is satisfying at times.

Zombies are broken, as well the sounds inside the game. Gameplay has numerous glitches and flaws which can kill you if you're not alert to your surrounds. And walking.

Other than the bugs the game it self is fun, just like the DayZ mod. Infestation takes this and forms it into a faster concept, with rpg elements such as earning exp from zombies to boost your player's survivability; Survival, Assualt, Endurance, and soon Mechanic. Killing players in the game grants reputation, depending on their standing; good/bad alignment. Depending on your alignment you will be given a title according to reputational sum.

The mini transactions are nice, finding a pair of NV goggles can be difficult but it's affordable in the marketplace. I believe almost all items in the game are spawnable so you don't need to buy anything. Just don't die because you will lose what's in your backpack, unless there's a friend to safeguard your shit.

I like this game due to its survival pvp gameplay. A couple days ago I had killed 2 bandits by playing like Solid Snake, I am the grass. The adrenaline you get from creeping on unsuspecting goons is great. There is proximity voip so, a nice hello before their doomed fate is pretty entertaining.

This game still needs polishing. Fun play. I am the grass.

I haven't played anything in such a long time.. :(
last thing i was doing was demon souls.

So what's everyone's take on the PS4/XBone? Personally I'm gonna wait it out, my PC blows the consoles out of the water and both of these dudes are gonna have to win me over with exclusives.

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pretty honest look at the ouya.
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