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‪#‎PMV‬’s mission is to bring the beaten track 'online'. Whether it is to ‪#‎findavan‬, ‪#‎findapark‬, a new ‪#‎journey‬ or simply just to find some inspiration to go ‪#‎campervanning‬, ‪#‎ParkMyVan‬ is for you!‬‬‬‬‬‬

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Thank you for letting me join your community. I look forward to reading all about many of you. If you are interested in getting to know me as well, here is my blog: 

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Breakfast mountain style!!
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Funniest story for our family...We were at White Lake State Park in N.H. I was in the tent getting our three children settled for bed. My husband was sitting out by the fire reading his book and called my name. He says "look out the window but dont move fast". When I looked he had one skunk sitting on his foot and another right next to him. After I flashed the flashlight a few times they moved along. Beautiful campground but lots of skunks. Too friendly!

thanks for your invite of me to your site. we have been camping since i was a wee tyke and i love it. we have camped from n.y. state to florida to south dakota and most points in between. you find the most friendly and real people camping. i have a ton of stories to share with you and look forward to it. see you soon.

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my favorite place I have ever been camping is Lewis & Clark in South Dakota!
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