I received my print copy of SCUP a few days ago!

As I've been reading through the book, it struck me how nihilistic the game is written to be, particularly many of the end-of-season moves.

Then it struck me: SCUP may be the perfect system marry with one of my favorite literary settings: Charn from "The Magician's Nephew."

**spoiler alerts for the book below**

Charn is a doomed planet orbiting a dying red sun. According to the narrative in "The Magician's Nephew," every lifeform on Charn besides one is destroyed when its tyrant rulers--half-giants wielding dark magic--turned on one another. The war ends when the tyrant Queen Jadis--who "cared no more for joy and justice and mercy," uses the Deplorable Word to end all life on the planet besides herself. Afterwards, she places herself in suspended animation until she is able to transport herself to an alien world--which later turns out to be Earth.

I think playing on pre-cataclysmic Charn would be an awesome campaign setting. Everyone knows it will eventually end in a single terrible event, but in the meantime players can scramble for the last shred of power over a world on its last gasps. There will be plenty of chances for revenge, satisfaction of violent appetites, and if they're very lucky, perhaps even an escape to a new world to wreak havoc upon before Jadis inevitably obtains and uses the Deplorable Word.

Those are my thoughts so far. Now all I need to do is round up some players!

I ran a game of SCUP at Gencon today with like the best Crown moment ever.

The Crown was this super decadent, hedonistic dude who just hung out with his pretty, pretty entourage, one of whom was named Moonskin. The Beloved used "It Lives Within Me" to birth a shadow creature into the world to kill The Crown. The Crown rolled "Of Omelettes and Eggs" to have one of his entourage take the hit instead of him. When he succeeded, he said The Crown just waved his hand dismissively and said "Moonskin" and they threw themselves in front of the creature.

I cannot stress enough how nonchalantly he said "Moonskin."

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Just want to make sure people saw this!

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SCUP is now available as a PDF and print on demand from DriveThruRPG! Spread the word to anyone you know who might want it!

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I am running SCUP set in a Mesoamerican setting. Myth creation and our first game went pretty well. Here is a map I generated based on the elements created by the players -- just a tool for our later games. Guatemak is the home base for the game.

In our first game the beginning scene was a high-stakes ball game celebrating the 5th year anniversary of the Crown's rule. The Gauntlet was the team captain. I created a move for him to roll the outcome of each "turn" of the game, and allow the other players to aid/interfere after the results - made it quite dramatic. It went well: human sacrifice, sex moves, assassination plans were laid...

The players really leaned into their rolls and made themselves vulnerable.


So, a week ago I ran a game of SCUP at our monthly convention, and it turned out to be really fun, so here's some actual play, if you like it)
I based the main plot of the game on the conflict between Hanseatic League and the kingdom of Denmark in 1360-1370. Pagans, Holy Orders, abjured sons and illegitimate daughters, fights between kings and coalitions of free cities — perfect setup!
Players desided to play as the Hex, the Beloved, the Voice and the Bloodletter, and most of the conflicts were resolved through negotiations or witchcraft (or Holy Miracles, as our Beloved tended to call it). All the players and their factions started on the island of Gotland right before the first battles of the conflict. War was imminent, so every player tried to turn the situation to their advantage and get as much power, influence or money as they could.
Eventually, they poisoned the local duke and his wife to use their child to lure his granddads into fragile allience of two kingdoms. Holy order left the witches alone as part of agreement, and they fought together against Victual Brothers. Alchemists just desided to move to the Amsterdam with all their money and technologies. In the end, players changed the terms of Treaty of Stralsund in some minor way and helped to create Kalmar Union few decades earlier.
The game itself was really fun, and I really want to play a long campaign, explore the Honor and Factions some more.
Hope you find this interesting)
P.S. Sorry for my english)

It might have been already asked. But is there a epub or mini version of the PDF? I bought the PDF, it is great, but it would be easier if I could use my Ereader. If not, any chance of this happening?
Thank you in advance. I really like this product!

I purchased SCUP from RPGnow. I am trying to find the best link to download the playbooks.

SCUP has arrived here in New Zealand. Well done on the physical product. It has a nice heft to it and the layout looks superb in the flesh.

So, I've been thinking of running a game like Frank Herbert's Dune with SCUP. It seems like a good match, because Dune (at least if you visualize it with the movie tropes from the Lynch film) seems very feudal at its core.
I almost think this could work very well in a Warhammer 40K setting as well.
What do you all think, and based on what you know, would it need any major tweaks?
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