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Very Small Description of devices and stuff used in this comic bo0k

Pythagoras The company that creates the USBs and belts used to battle in this. They are located all around North America, with their headquarters being in L.A . During the year long period of disarray caused by the Ice Age, they stopped producing belts and such.

Pythagoras Gate The name of the belt used to transform someone into an armored form, with the use of a patented usb. In terms of price, buying a Pythagoras Gate is like buying an expensive video game console, with the USBs being like video games

Monster Lycra The USBs that allow people to transform. They're slightly larger than an average usb and are color coated (Ex: Wendigo: Black Usb, White Sticker. Minotaur: Dark Green Usb, Yellow Sticker). To transform, you'd first need to switch the usb on, which is done by holding down the sides, you'll know you did it right if the usb exclaims what creature the usb is based on. Next, you'd insert the usb into the belt and rotate it 180° to transform. To preform a finisher or overdrive, as the belt calls it, you need to rotate the usb 180° two more times. (Picture below is an example of an armor, Harpy in specific)

Armament Monsters These USBs are smaller than Monster Lycras and instead of forming a full armor around the user, form a weapon. (Ex: Basilisk - Whip)

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So, here I'm showing a sneeeaaakkk peek at the main antogonist of the second story arc, as well as a concept I've been wanting to do... fusions.
Here is Minotaur : the Great

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Yes, you're allowed to post here. I wanna hear ideas

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So, since Danny brought to my attention that Flatwoods looked like Wizard, I decided to redraw it (which I should have done anyway, as my art style has changed)

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O. A
A. O
A new Lycra!
This right here is the Unicorn Lycra.
It is a custom Lycra made specifically for the CEO of the Pythagoras Company.
One of the custom things that is exclusive to this man's Lycras and Pythagoras' Gate are the sound effects.
Normally, when you switch a Monster Lycra on, it just states the Creature's name in a heavily accented voice, but with these custom Lycras they instead say "Open! (Either Kirin, Unicorn, Pegasus or UB-85 Atrocity)", much like Beast's Driver.
His Overdrive isn't called anything. He has a Lance as a default weapom, shaped like the Horn of a Unicorn.
His overdrive involves him firing off a laser with the Lance, but if you fumble with the Lycra usb enough, it can rapid fire

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Ah, right here is a sketch from when I first thought up the idea.
This right here is the Flatwood's Monster Lycra.
His overdrive involves releasing a cloud of poisonous gas from his hands and shoulders, then releasing sparks from his ankle, doing a flaming spin kick, working like a drill

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Finally done. I don't have a name yet, as I don't know the naming system, but this....guy uses the Stag Beetle Monster Lycra (Which is just referred to as "Stag"), and the Scarab Lycra is his Armament Monster. He is equipped with the Stag Blades (Which can attach to the backs of his legs for his finisher or attach to his Scarab Shield) and the Scarab Shield, which is essentially a shield, pincer claw, and blade in one.

For his Overdrive, the Stag Blades attach to the backs of his legs and he grabs the enemy with the Scarab Shield's pincer claw, then throws them in the air and kicks with the Stag Blades. This has been dubbed the Pincer Kick.

(Also, feel free to change anything, whether it's to fit your mental image or for simplicity of drawing.)

So, question. How many of these fighting people will there be?
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