yall got any evil octolings?

anybody got them Spicy Wasabi Beats?

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thus more cosplaying ensues.

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"I don't see the big deal in Mother 3 being localized. It's not that good-"
Animated Photo

+Tapu Himitsu

Starting to develop Raven's character more.

What is their biggest fear?

wtf is up with Bots that are following my soundcloud

honestly it's annoying

any ways I'm starting to go back and add detail to the first story

going to start releasing some images and such again here soon

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nope i don't need this no thank

No thank



Finals are almost done. Once they are done ill start everything up again

+Tapu Himitsu

(hey can I have a full description of what Raven does?
cuz now im starting to work on her story now)

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