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Just got the remasters on PS4 for Resident Evil 5 and 6. Looking for co op partners to complete the games..again!

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Hey guys! I'm very new to YouTube, but this is a video of me playing through me modding on Resident Evil 5. If you like my content, please like and subscribe. Also, share it with others if you want them to see it too. I do videos over anywhere from BL2, Pokemon, TF2, RE5, and maybe even more in the future. I do a lot of modding of my games, so expect to see some tutorials on how to do all of this later in the future too! Enjoy!

Need a partner for resident evil 5 or 6. Ps3
I dont hav great internet but i do want to play.

hi I'm new here and i was wondering if anyone here plays resident evil 5 on xbox 360

Anyone who mods or is really good willing to play re5 mercs with me?

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welcome to resident evil tributes.this community is about showing tributes to our heroes,villans.. to the survivors and kick ass build this community. RULES NO DRAMA NO HATERS NO TROLLING NO SPAMING last but not least HAVE FUN :)


My cousin and I played resident evil 5. We played until the guy with the chainsaw came along. Then he had to pack up his PS3. So we never did get past that...unfortunately...
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