FRED and the Quantum Projector
Part 1

In The Beginning
It was the smallest probe possible with nearly transparent sensors, yet there was still a big bang when the probe was inserted into the chaotic electromagnetic fields produced by the quantum foam contained in the vessel. The vessel reverberated like a bell as the fields interacted with the probe.

As quantum states collapsed in the valleys of the waves, novel and new organizations became apparent, as though bits of the foam had frozen into discrete objects binding and containing electromagnetic fields. Fields that were once chaotic had become nearly coherent influenced by the disturbance the probe created. As the reverberations began to decay, chaos began jostling the objects into other objects, until forms and structures emerged in the weak gravity of the container. Entropy and the reverberations sculpted the forms and structures until they resembled the probe in simplistic ways at first as the forms and structures continued to refine and evolve. What had once been a roiling volume of electromagnetic radiation now appeared frozen and of substance, as though a work of art with nearly infinite detail.
In Between
That was the first time. Since then smaller and more sophisticated probes have been inserted. None of the other probes created a big bang like the first one, but they each still disturbed the electromagnetic radiation causing the radiation to reverberate in a sort of mimicry. Cognition emerged in forms with sufficiently sophisticated structures and sensors. Eventually autonomous self-replicating forms emerged that appeared virtually indistinguishable from the probe, collectives that appeared intelligent similar to the hive mind of bees or the mind of an ant colony.

Using the data from the fourth-generation probe as a model, a fifth-generation probe was constructed to appear indistinguishable from the collectives. The fifth-generation probe was also reusable and was inserted multiple times, however, the interval between insertions created gaps in the data. The multiple insertions, as expected, accelerated the development and increasing sophistication of the collectives. Cognition emerged in forms with sufficiently sophisticated structures and sensors. Eventually autonomous self-replicating forms emerged that appeared virtually indistinguishable from the probe. Even though each member of the collective appeared autonomous and conscious, there was only one mind and one thought. The collectives appeared to share a single mind. A collective consciousness had emerged in the atomic life-forms inside a vessel of energy.

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The Introduction from the book
FRED and the Quantum Projector

Would you read a story if you knew that the author could experience being you while you read the story? Would the type of story matter? Would you play a video game if you knew the creator could watch you playing and could change the game to help or hurt you? Would you want a soul-consciousness-awareness thing knowing that a God could read your thoughts and could choose to help or hurt you?

This story will change you in some tangible way, however, it is not a story for everyone and may be difficult to follow at times. You may hate the story or find it confusing, you may like the story and hate the ending. You will feel something and it will be real. At the very least, it will be real to you and me.

This is a rendition of one story recorded on the Smar Tapes. Some of the translations were difficult as I lacked the words necessary to fully describe an alien reality of Gods and Demons.

The story is about a body-brain named Tom, and a soul-consciousness-awareness thing that doesn't have a name that I could translate. Most body-brains have a soul-consciousness-awareness thing. Sophisticated body-brains tend to have sophisticated soul-consciousness-awareness things. The soul-consciousness-awareness thing is never fully defined unlike everything else that manifests in this story. Perhaps soul-consciousness-awareness is a hierarchical structure with the soul at the top. Perhaps it is a trinity that manifests collectively as one thing. A soul-consciousness-awareness thing could be anything because it is invisible and cannot be directly perceived.

Tom's body-brain is humanoid. His body-brain could be from any universe that evolved symmetrical upright bodies with brains. Tom's body-brain is a 6th generation, more-or-less perfect, predictable and reliable, self-replicating data collection and processing device with more than a million years of operational testing and training. Tom's body-brain was designed to do one thing and it could do that one thing very well. It could detect, destroy, sequester, and avoid uncertainty better than anything that known science thought possible.
Tom's body-brain has the very latest sensors and articulation devices, such as fingers, arms, toes and legs. His sensors are tuned for a specific frame-rate and frequency bands. His body-brain can take samples and can analyze them in several ways including eating the sample. However, a body-brain cannot determine meaning or purpose without a soul-consciousness-awareness. Tom's original soul-consciousness-awareness thing vanished after an accident caused a total loss of memory. Tom's body-brain needed a replacement in order to function in a society of body-brains that all had a soul-consciousness-awareness thing.

They weren't for sale in any stores. His parents didn't have any extras nor did his siblings, neighbors, and anyone he met. He prayed to God, actually many Gods for a soul-consciousness-awareness thing but maybe they couldn't hear him. Tom's body-brain ended up building one from scratch by watching how infants develop. He read books about religions and mythologies, science and mathematics, and science-fiction. He read the Encyclopedia Britannica, several dictionaries, and comic books. It took about seven years for the soul-consciousness-awareness thing to fully emerge, however, it was still just a juvenile soul-consciousness-awareness thing. It was a good first effort but it was replaced because Tom's body-brain continued to have accidents and die. It wasn't a near-death-experience for Tom's soul-consciousness-awareness things‒it was non-existence.

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Consciousness exists and manifests because electromagnetic radiation in our bubble universe can be manipulated and organized into forms that can use sensors to probe and perceive the interactions of electromagnetic radiation that manifest as the things in our universe. Not unlike the universe in a video game, the universe that contains us is finite and bounded by the energy domain that we are within that contains the rules and recipes that were used to create the universe.

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Consciousness is a video game that was created in a simulation called existence.

The main game character tells the story about how consciousness created a video game about how consciousness created a simulation that consciousness used to create a video game about how consciousness created a video game to perceive itself.

A video game creates a universe in an energy domain that a sufficiently advanced intelligence can perceive and probe. The energy domain is created and maintained by a machine (computer-creator) that uses energy (electricity-energy source) to run programs (recipes & rules) that produce and render the detail, sophistication, complexity, and extent of the game universe. The game universe is a fully realized reality with characters, objects and things that interact. Everything that manifests in a video game is electromagnetic radiation that has been organized and manipulated using programs, rules and recipes.

Everything in a video game universe is made of energy that has been manipulated and organized into forms and structures that create a universe of things inside an energy domain using rules and recipes.

Everything in existence, our universe, is made of energy that has been manipulated and organized into forms and structures that create a universe of things inside an energy domain using rules and recipes.
Tom Repasky

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