Looking for Dr. from Va Beach office. Disappeared into thin air from 'Bon Secours Center for Patient Abuse' - anyone else out there affected? Think it's possible he made a stand for ethics and humane patient treatment? We have to join his fight if he did - do something. Contact a lawyer to sue for malpractice for treatment rec'd after he left, make complaints to Virginia medical board by the thousands. We can't let this go on. It's over for me (I can't bear the DR search again) but there are lots of people out there that can maybe get something done.   

Pain Management care is became a game of patient abuse & humiliation in Virginia. Humane care seems to be no longer an option. I had been considered 'low risk' for years and nothing has changed with me but doctor offices state they no longer write RX for pain medicine for activity related acute type pain. It appears to be allowed in the Virginia medical board policy, yet insanity has reigned supreme. It's over for me - no more new doctors, whatever I have left in me I want to devote to making changes. Seems if all us patients in Virginia banded together maybe we could make a difference - especially us 'low risk, 'no risk' patients. Anyone else out there?

FED UP but HOPING FOR ANSWERS, a way to help each other help ourselves if we try. 

Anyone looking for Dr Hansen?

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