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Check out our investigation at the Northern State Hospital

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Join me in the Wood Shed buddy.. :) Spirit box session

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On my latest investigation, I was in this huge building trying to get EVP’s when I needed to change out the batteries in my speaker. When I was finished, I checked the video camera to make sure that it hadn’t moved and I saw a white mist come into screen and out. This is what I saw.

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It's that time where we let the spirits do the talking. We do ask for children in this video to come forward. Let's find out who visits. It's very early around 3:45am and I've had great sessions early.. Join me?

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Cemetery investigation in Southern Oregon

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How can we chant with concentration?
Once we start chanting, one of the main obstacles we face is that thoughts continue to enter in our mind. Given below are some practical tips on how to improve concentration in chanting. We can bear in mind that achieving concentration in chanting is the target and not the tool.
- Keep a count of chanting
- Chant aloud
- Increase the speed of chanting
- Chant in a quiet place
- Chant upon waking up and before going to bed
- Synchronize chanting with breath
- Complement chanting with a hand posture
- Take autosuggestions for chanting
For more details, please visit:

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Getting down to the real question. Are they happy or sad being dead? Lets find out..

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Spirituality Important to Canadians

"Canadians still have considerable personal faith and believe in the existence of God — although they might not view the word "religion" favourably — according to a new study from Angus Reid. The study, which was completed in partnership with Faith in Canada 150, asked Canadians about their personal faith and religion as well as their outlook in life and their sense of belonging to their community. The study found that Canadians fit into four major groups along a scale from the religiously devout (21 per cent), the privately faithful (30 per cent), the spiritually uncertain (30 per cent) and the non-believers (19 per cent)."

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