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BX Essentials - Into the Borderlands Unknown Campaign
Session 2: Into the Unknown!

Setting: World of Greyhawk, Southwestern Yeomanry at the foothills of the Crystalmist Mountains.

Date: CY579, Fireseek 2 (morning at The Keep)

Caller: Jay D.
Encounter Captain: Patrick U.

Bart: Blix Mucklebones (F1)
Joshua: Prospecto the Red (M-U1) & Yngvild Greyshield (F1)
Walter: Leonan Socro (Cleric 1 of Sotillion) [first half of session)
John D.: Lemuel the Younger (M-U 1)
Patrick U.: Groo The Wanderer (F1)
Jay D.: Ninoy Halo-Halo (F1)
Peter: Eissohai Piko (E1)

Agenda: The Heroes set out to Quasqueton!
Weather: Misty

Heroes meet Nimoy, Piko and Groo at the crossroads.

Ninoy: Starts Campaign at Reputation -2 (he escaped from captor and stole his eyeball!)
NPC: One Eyed Slaver!

The Heroes share a meal (Nimoy has a fish!) and Leonus treats them all to a “Create Food & Water” from Sotillion!

Encounter on the road: Caravan
5x covered wagons selling Spices, 10x human drovers (plain, simple clothes) & 4 Guardsmen (blue & black tabards of The Keep)

NPC: Gidaeon The Spice Merchant - Kiosk #2 in The Keep Market
Back of caravan, at the rear of the final covered wagon, a small hand with a ring parts the canvas - an almond shaped, violet eye looks back at the Heroes.
NPC: who is peeking at the Heroes from the back of the Caravan???

Also, Ninoy senses that the Heroes are being watched from the high hill to the southeast of the road, atop which can be seen several trees that have been cut down.

The Heroes head into the Whispering Forest and up the steep hill to the clearing.

LOCATION: The Lone Tower is discovered & added to the map

Encounter on the Forested Hill: 4x Boars!
All four boars are slain, but Ygvild & Groo are gored nearly to death (taken out of the combat).
Both survive (by rolling under the CON, as per 0HP House Rule), but have their CON reduced by 1.

The Heroes, carrying the bodies of the wounded and four good hocks of boar, return to The Keep before nightfall.

Tolls are paid (1gp/head) + Ninoy surrenders his Two-Handed War Hammer

Room & board is paid.

Groo gets his wounds cauterized (3hp) at 1gp cost
NEW HOUSE RULE: PCs staying at The Traveller’s Inn can hire a “Doctor” (just a farmhand, carpenter, blacksmith, etc. with tools) to “cauterize” any wounds. Roll the NPC’s WIS (3d6) and have the “Doctor NPC” roll a d20.
Roll under NPC WIS: Success! 1d3 damage healed
Roll above NPC WIS: Failure! PC loses 1d3hp

Carousing Results:
Ninoy invests 30gp in “Laying Low: carousing: Robbed Blind!
He passes his CON check, so he is not robbed, but beaten. Ninoy starts next session with 5 HP.
NPCs: Robbers!

Piko invests 5gp in “The Dark Arts” carousing: Sorcerous Master!
Meets “Mutatus the Formless, dreaded transmuter of all things” who now calls him “apprentice.”
He says to meet him at The Streteched Goat tomorrow evening for his “assignment”.
NPC: Mutatus The Formless

Combat XP:
4x Boars @35xp = 140xp, split 5 ways = 28xp each (Yngvild & Groo unconscious and Leonus 'away')
4 hocks of pork meat plus 8 tusks recovered from battle (might be turned into “loot”).
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BX Essentials Into the Borderlands Unknown Campaign

Session 1: “Kendall Keep” a/k/a “Restwell Keep” or just, "The Keep"

Setting: World of Greyhawk, southwestern Yeomany, at the foothills of the Crystalmist Mountains.

Date: CY579, Fireseek 1 (pre-dusk arrival at The Keep)

Aron: Larn (Th1), who opted to decrease his Reputation to -2 “Mistrusted” in The Keep (in exchange for a 50gp gem that he had pilfered!)
Brad: Barus the Black (M-U1)
Bart: Blix Mucklebones (F1)
Dave: Django Vatrashi (Rhenee Halfling 1)
Joshua: Prospecto the Red (M-U1) & Yngvild Greyshield (F1)
Walter: Leonan Socro (Cleric of Sotillion*)

Upon Arrival, PCs rolled a 3 on the Encounter Reaction Table
This triggers an inflated “night” toll: all tolls & fees are doubled by the Bailiff (2gp/head + 3gp/weapon confiscated)

NPC: Corporal of the Watch, Tybalt (bribed 10gp by Larn via Barus, who actually ponied up the coins)

NPC: Bailiff Radalfus, realizing that Tybalt was adequately bribed, lowered the toll to 1gp/head and agreed to only charge for and collect two-handed weapons (there were none to sequester).

NPC: Scribe Watt - a doting, mousey "busy-body"

NPCs: Beatrix & Lucan, owners of Traveler’s Inn.
Rooms were booked: 5 private rooms at 1gp, with Prospecto spending 1sp to stay in the common room, as he is broke.

At The Tavern (The Stretched Goat)
NPC: barkeep Bumbo Wickerman

Rumors were gathered, discussing Quasqueton and the Caves of Chaos:

The humanoids of Caves of Chaos have been disturbingly rowdy of late and Baliff Radalfus hints that the Castellan may be willing to outfit those who offer to help against this threat. He tells the PCs that the must deal with the Castellan through him and ONLY him.

The large well in the courtyard of The Keep was once an elaborate fountain which looks like it was damaged from a boulder launched over the wall either by a giant or some machine of war.

Caves of Quasqueton, the entrance to which are supposed to be hidden in the woods to the east? The legend tells that the caves are part of a stronghold built by two famous Adventurer-Lords named Zeltigar and Rogon one a powerful wizard and the other a mighty warrior.

A huge and wondrous gemstone worth 100,000 gp is said to have been kept in one of their personal chambers. It may still be there!

The pair of owners disappeared long ago (100's of years??) but the stronghold is rumored to still be protected from intruders by "left-over" guards and traps!

An attractive blonde Half-Elf tells Leonus that she has heard of a chamber in the caves with many pools of water.

Prospecto learns that there are more than one tribe of orcs in the Caves of Chaos and that they may be set against each other by a crafty party.

Django asks Bumbo the barkeep about the presence of any "undead" ghosts or other necromantic horrors in the area and is sternly warned not to speak of such things openly in the keep as it is bad for his business.

4 Hirelings were approached:
Wortag the Man-at-Arms Stableboy (with chainmail & shield!) - declines to work for Barus
Solman the Man-at-Arms Farmhand (with longsword!) - declines to work for ??
Rolmox the Seuoloise Torchbearer - paid 5gp up front by Django (no roll necessary - Rolmox accepts!)
Dardox the Man-at-arms Gravedigger (shovel, dagger, leather, shield, sock full sling stones) hired by Barus for 1.5gp/day

Carousing Results:
Prospecto: no carousing, went straight to bed
Barus & Blix: Nice and Quiet. Perhaps they both need a bit more excitement in their lives…

Yigvild is Robbed Blind of all her money and equipment!
Note: she is left in just her armor
DM: who robbed her?

Larn is beaten by a Rival Gang of Ruffians!
His 50gp gem is stolen and he starts next session with 1 hp!
DM: who are the Rival Gang of Ruffians?

Django is challenged to a Wizard Dual! (he’s not a wizard)
Must meet the student at the well/fountain at high noon
The If he’s a no-show, his reputation will decrease
DM: who is the would-be Wizard Student?

Leonus is touched by Divine Grace!
He spends the night gathering food and distributing it to the homeless population of The Keep.
At sunrise, he “comes to” while praying at the well which, in his vision, is a fountain of pure light!
He gets the blessings of Sotillion, who gives him a Cure Light Wounds spell for the next adventure PLUS the innate ability to cast “Create Food & Water” once/day!
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While setting up my online (via Roll20) B/X D&D (using BX Essentials) sandbox B1/B2 combo campaign, I went through the Basic (Moldvay), Expert (Cook/Marsh) rulebooks, as well as B1 & B2 and made tokens out of all the artwork - enjoy!

Some examples are posted here, but I think G+ compresses them and they won't be in ".png." format for use via Roll20.

Here's a link to all the tokens via Google Drive:

Admins, if this isn't acceptable, I apologize. Please feel free to delete.
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Here's a question. Are there any B/X or BECMI D&D modules which classify as "fun house dungeons" like White Plume Mountain or Ghost Tower of Inverness, or was the fun house dungeon really an AD&D thing? B1 doesn't count since it came out before B/X.

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Tonight was Session #49 of our Sat. Castle Zagyg B/X D&D Labyrinth Lord Campaign!

Thus far, the PCs have:

- made the Dark Chateau (Zagyg’s former mansion, adventure by Robert J. Kuntz) into their HQ, complete with Hobgoblin butlers.

- defeated Guigurkin, the Master Of Snakes within the Watery Caves below the manse of the Mad Arch-Mage.

- spelunked in the adjacent Spawning Grounds of the Crab Men (from Fight On! #3 by David Bowman*), taking out Quimlin, Zagyg’s former protégée and making him into their laboratory technician in the vivimancy lab in the basement of the mansion. While befriending Methelred the drug-addled Gargoyle, who they intended to rehabilitate over time.

- defeated the Werewolf of the Little Hillwood - although his She-wolf mate lives to stalk the heroes another day!

- taken the Outer Gatehouse/Barbican of the titular Castle, defeating and gaining the allegiance of Cap’n Cooper’s Merry Men.

- taken the Castle Main (Inner) Gatehouse and routing the Gublinish Goblins there, gaining the enmity of the Great Gublin himself (a goblin folk hero who survived a lighting strike and imbues his blood kinsmen the power to manipulate electricity if they practice ancestral worship)

- within the Ruins of the Upper Precincts, they have happened upon a Goblin Market wherein they have befriended Vespero the Antiquarian, a collector and trader of esoteric and exotic wares.

- cleared out three warrens within The Mouths of Madness - a vast network of caves set into the walls of the great ravine that surrounds the bluff upon which Castle Zagyg stands: the Kobold Caves, Gnoll Caves and the Ogre known as “Big Charlie.

Now, just in time for Session #50, the Heroes have unOerthed a forgotten well that leads down to the fabled Black Reservoir and a hidden cave that functions as a portal to Barsoom - Mars, the Red Planet!

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How about detailed mechanics for non-lethal wizardly dueling, the sort that might be featured in a school of magic? The suggested approach dovetails with the D&D BECMI game. Have a look!
Special Combat Magic Pt. II
Special Combat Magic Pt. II

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Please consider joining the B/X D&D group linked here. Signing up is easy and anyone is welcome. We have over 170 members already. Thanks!

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As an experiment, I thought is share a group link for a B/X D&D group, and hopefully woo some members of the excellent g+ B/X community

I want you to join my group on MeWe:

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Since G+ will be shutting down, here's an alternative to Facebook on MeWe. I just created a group there for D&D BECMI.
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