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*Please do not approve someone for our community unless you have had personal contact with the person.*

Hi all!

In the last 1.5 years our group has grown to 76 members! However we know there are many more educators in Kuwait using (or interested in using) GSuite to enhance student learning. I have just promoted all members to moderators which means that each of you can now approve members to our community. Since the beginning of this community, I have been very picky about who I allow in; I'm very anti-spammers! Please continue in that spirit.

Should I approve a member?
1. Are they a human being? Yes? Continue. No? Don't approve.
2. Have I had personal (in-person or virtual) contact with the real person? Yes? Continue. No? Don't approve.
3. Are they an educator in Kuwait? Yes? Approve them! No? Let me know and I will help them find a GEG in their area or chat with them before approving.
4. Ask anyone that you have approved to introduce themselves in our Introductions section.

Thank you! I hope this will help our community continue to grow and learn together. Click the green Moderate button on the left to see who is currently awaiting approval :) Please do not abuse this power! If you would prefer not to have moderating abilities, please let me know.

i'm looking for a placement test for Google Drive, Form and classroom.
could you help me to get it, please ?

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First time that #COETAIL is doing a summer cohort...AND it finishes in 1 year while becoming a Google Certified Trainer!

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Join the #COETAIL #GoogleET challenge this week!

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Get excited! Mark your calendars & join in next week for #GooglePDWeek events and surprises.
Never stop learning. Mark your calendars & join us next week for #GooglePDWeek events and surprises.
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#COETAIL has a lot of exciting things happening this summer!

*We’re starting our first summer cohort, Online 8.
*Online 8 will also be our first cohort that participants will be able to receive both the COETAIL certificate AND become a Google Certified Trainer.*
*Keep your eyes open for a website revamp.
*We’ve brought on new people to support us in creating the best learning experiences for COETAIL participants.
*We’ve been working on these things for several months and we are excited for them to become reality!

However, we need your help. Before we start another COETAIL cohort, we need to make sure that we are best meeting the needs of educators around the world.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey. Whether you are a COETAIL grad, current participant or have heard about our program but never jumped in with us, we want to hear from you!

Bonus points if you share this survey with your colleagues. Thank you!

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Thought this might interest everyone here! #COETAIL is fully online and the next cohort starts in June. Summer learning not your thing? Online 9 starts in September!

If you're already a GET or COETAIL grad, this partnership is mutually beneficial too! Find out more at

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My IB PYP Exhibition group is exploring gender equality during the next 4 weeks. Please take a minute and help them better understand the perspectives of people around the world:

It would also be much appreciated if you would share this with your peeps 🙏🏼

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Andrew Hallam, Millionaire Teacher, just left Kuwait after an enlightening few days :) In honor of his visit, #AISQ8chat (a biweekly slow chat on Twitter) is focusing on financial planning as international educators. We'd love to have you chime in today or whenever you get a minute this week!

Hi, forgot to do the intro bit.

2nd -year teacher in Kuwait, currently in secondary humanities at TEA.
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