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Welcome Local Search Pros!
Thanks for joining us!  Please introduce yourself in this group intro thread.  Wave hi and tell us a little about you, your local search background, interests and/or hobbies.

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So now it's your turn. Wave hi and tell us a little bit about YOU!

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Google Virtual Tour Results - Hi Guys, back in the summer I told you all that I was having one of these done for my two room agency office. I published the images onto the site and I also signed up to the new tool for measuring the results - many thanks +Evan Oder.
Three months later, I think the only thing I can report is that the images uploaded by customer are up (the Virtual tour pics) and the views of those images are up.
If people do actually land on the map listing, they have a look around. But it doesn't seem to equate to more phone calls or enquiries for this type of business.
Am I missing something or is my experience supported by others who have had the virtual tour done?

I have seen a number of people with the map listing "heat map" showing a business' local listings from a set distance apart.

What tool does that? I want to experiment with it and maybe purchase a license if we can get it.

+Joy Hawkins - A week ago I reported a GMB listing that was keyword stuffed to the Spam & Policy board but haven't heard back. Do I just need to wait longer? Santa Rosa Social Security Disability Attorney - the name of the business on their website is North Bay Disability Law Group. A colleague of mine said that my client, another disability law attorney, should have reported it, not me?!? I am an owner on the account. Thanks!

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🌟New🌟FREE Google My Business tool that grades your listing based on how many features you are utilizing from +David Mihm & Thrive Hive.

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I get that organic traffic has grown 200%+, and that our products show up in Google Images, and our videos are getting more views... But, but, but how can we get a better ranking on Bing? #thingsclientssay...sometimes

Working with a Google rep on resolving an erroneous duplicate listing and I have -32% faith that they even understand the issue and will get it wrong. #fingerscrossed #itreallyshouldntbethishard

So what will happen to Hangouts ?
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