Apple (lesbian erotica)
 She is forbidden fruit to me, I want her, I yearn for her fingertips to play along my stomach as she cuddles into me, but she is off limits for some stupid thing called "friendship" trust me we can be friends while she cums in my mouth. My brain fights against my body everytime were alone. I personally don't think it would be as bad as my scenarios play out. she teases me, undressing in front of me, asking me to touch her soft skin. The other big problem is she doesn't know I am a lesbian! that I am a pussy loving finger fucking cum swallowing dyke. We work together so I am reluctant to release this tiny bit of info about my life. Plus, I don't want to scare her away since I don't know her exact feelings about my breed of women. I am single right now so I hear all day about how they need to find me the perfect man and try to set me up on these ubber stupid blind dates. I make up an excuse to not attend, my mother sick my bird died, I have herpes, anything that will keep me away from penis "real penis" don't get me wrong a strap is a turn-on.  I was having the worst day possible my ex kept calling saying she was in town, my favorite aunt just died, and my arrogant boisterous boss kept flirting and yelling at me it was to much to handle and I went inside the bathroom of my job sat in a stall and cried. Michelle came in to see if I was okay. and in my rant it came out it slipped, maybe it was since I was so comfortable about it. after saying my ex girlfriend is such a fucking jerk! all I could hear was silence. michelle: your ex what? drying my tears from around my eyes with so much built up frustration. I didn't give a fuck anymore and I clearly repeated myself  me: my ex girlfriend in a low voice  Michelle: your bi me:no, i am  Michelle: A LESBIAN! the high pitch voice she made I couldn't gauge if it was approval or disappointment me:yes.  it was a moment of complete painful silence. I saw her heels walking away from the door of my stall and I was sure I had lost a friend and tomorrow everyone would know I was a lesbian, until she started to walk back  Michelle: I wouldn't have guess that from you, its cool im bi. I can't judge no damn body giggling to herself  she laugned as she walked out the bathroom, rushing me to hurry back to work and brush that shit off! I cleaned up and returned back to work she stayed on my mind the whole damn day, wondering what she was like in bed and what sins has she committed that she can't judge :). later on she invited me out to a party, she said she told me about it a while ago but I don't remember. she promised there was no real penis involved and she would stop trying to blind date me. she said she would pick me up later that night. 4 Hours later I'm in a rush to get ready and I can't find anything im fucking looking for as always, she arrived right on time since she is never late, I ran down in a robe to let her in. I have yet to even shower, I open the door to her in these nice ass black and silver heels a pair of shiny skin tight leggins with a off the shoulder shirt with a huge kiss over her breast area. I could have cum on myself. she was a little upset I wasn't ready I assured her that I bathe quick, I instructed her to grab some wine out the kitchen as I run up and hope in the shower, I ran up the stairs set my clothes out and hopped in the shower. I hear heels walking in my room, im almost done I yell out,  michelle: why are you yelling im right here i jumped because it startled me. she was closer then I thought as I use my hands to try and cover my body.  me: damn!  michelle: what are you hiding I got the same things you do, yours look a little nicer but still the same things. as she invited herself into the bathroom with the glass of wine in her hand. I was wet. (not by water)  me: umm get out Michelle: so you get to see me naked but I can't look at you, what you to good to look at.  me:no  Michelle: you look like you taste good. as she set down on the sink. I was shocked to her that coming from her she is normally the quiet innocent one.  Michelle: turn around I want to see you. I eased my way around fronting like I didn't want it when she knew I did. her eyes were locked tight on me. I felt her gaze cover over my Carmel skin easing down my full hips and athletic frame. My pussy was screaming out for her to reach her hand inside this water and please me. Me: fine are you happy now, as I close the shower curtains and take a deep breath, eyes rolling towards the ceiling as I lean against the wet warm shower tile. Michelle: I would fuck the shit out of you, she laughed as her heels click against the wooden floors on her way out. the thought flashed inside my mind for a quick second and sent sensations down to the bottom of my feet.  Me: you couldn't handle it, I yelled behind her. I thought to myself where the hell did that come from. then I smirked.  I finished showering, reaching out the shower for my towel and it was gone. I swore I had it. I stepped out the shower looking both way to make sure the coast was clear before dashing to my bedroom.  I stopped dead in my tracks to see michelle sitting on the bed with my towel laying across her lap.  Michelle: I really do like what I see, as a smile comes across her face, leaning forward she looks me up and down with her eyes. "come here"  I seemed to be stuck like my feet were cemented to the floor. She stands up and takes a step towards me, " I don't repeat myself, I wont hurt you come here" my body was burning hot. Michelle had a demanding voice that made me obey her simple commands with no second thoughts about it, But this will be war because I don't bow for just anybody.  me: Why you playing? can I have my towel, as I reach my hands out. she pulls me closer towards her and ends up tossing me on my bed. I bounce and scoot back as she stands at the edge of the bed leaning closer into me I feel nervous, why do I feel nervous? I hold it together because this is completely catching me off guard.  Michelle: I want to tell you a little secret, would you like to hear it? I nod yes as I scoot back more the closer she crawls to me. until My back is sitting up right against the coolness of my headboard. She spreads my legs open and crawls in between she is so close our lips are a inch from kissing, we are sharing the same breath as I am swooned by her perfume and the sexy color of her lipstick. She leans closer and whispers, I sit at my desk and play with myself to the thought of your fucking lips. I turn my pocket vibrator on low and slip it under my skirt, and slowly grind on it, I try not to cum when people come to talk to me, it makes me excited to think of people watching you suck my pussy. I lost all the air in my lungs. Her secrets made my skin feel alive and sensitive to every little motion and shift between her body in mine. I let out a uncontrollable shiver that ran down my spine lightly like a feather.  that's all i got for now

Know any lesbian chat sites

Hello all my lovely lesbians. Thank you all for your support here on my little page. Im sorry it took me so long to accept some of your invites. I have been having a hectic time in life.. but have no fear your Virgo is here and still loving only you.. feel free to chat i love stories, who knows we may find that we have some things in common.

I think I will start this one too, I have a problem and I figure since you all have all shown interest in me and my page that I can trust ya'll with my story. 
    I am known for my relationships with married women. I started with women that were married to MEN and being mistreated. And I would become protective and make it a point to show these women how they should be treated. Well my cousin told me a LONG time ago that married women never left their husbands. It took me up until recently to figure that out. I figured if I went into those relationships with my mind on that fact that it would protect me from falling in love. I have a fear of falling in love well not so much falling in love but I have a fear of being hurt. However I fell in love and I had my heart ripped out and stomped on. so I was relationship free for 2 years I actually slept with 3 guys and 2 females in that 2 years, then I was going thru some things and I ended up having a dream that had me trying to remember a phone number of the 1st woman I was ever Actually in love with. She was not my 1st relationship as a matter of fact we never had the chance to have a relationship her girlfriend caught us and gave her a choice. Well she picked her over me.. well 4 years later I have a dream about her saving me from suicide by overdose and for 2 days I thought n thought trying to remember her number I knew the last 4 it spells LOVE but the prefix and area code were so far from my mind I text about 15 different people trying different numbers and I had gave up well outta the blue one day while I was doing dishes I got a txt and it was her, My Angel. We talked for almost 24 hours, The girl she quit me for is now her Wife they been married for almost 3 years now and its been over one year since she and I got back in touch. Well I am IN LOVE, and  she says I have her and that she wants to be with me and she will not LET ME GO. but she has no intention of leaving her wife. I know this she told me from the start. but we talk everyday and we talk more than they do she will be in bed with her wife txtn me. we talk and video chat while she is at work. And I know she loves me she proves that to me everyday. I just cant shake the fact that once again I am the OTHER WOMAN in a relationship and she picks her over me everyday. She has my heart and soul in her hands and my mind is on her 24/7 So if I try to walk away from her I am sure to die because she holds everything I need to live. 
    The catch to this story is we do not sleep together, she is in the next state  over. so everyone will see this situation differently. so I am just asking for input. should I continue waiting on her word that ONE we will be together. should I try to walk away. what do you see when reading this story? just any input you may have.. HIT ME UP... 
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