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Hello everyone, I'm back !!!
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YAS!!! But it's true

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NALU , and I want to see how many people like nali better then NALU be t I love NALU
I was only CURIOUS, I just want to know your opinion, so please no arguing! >.<

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So hey guys do you want me to make a fanfic about NALU .... Yes or No

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Under the mistletoe

Author note

Hey guys who are reading it I just wanted t you to know this story is a out NALU and them going to school and all that jazz so I hope you like it

Chapter 1
Lucy P.O.V

I woke up to my dad busting into my room he said " Lucy get up its time to get up for your first day of school" I sat up from my bed and went to my bathroom . After awhile of getting ready I ran down stairs and grab toast and left to school

At school

Still Lucy P.O.V

I ran all the way to school since it's my first day at a new school . When I saw the school gate in front of me I stop to see a few guys standing with girls all over them I turned away in disgust and just walked right past them until one crossed my eyes it was the one with the pink hair . I then just went inside the school to get in my locker

Natsu P.O.V

I saw a blonde chick run past me she had beautiful brown chocolate eyes and the school bell cut me out of my day dream we then went to class

In class

Natsu P.O.V.

The whole class took there seats when the teacher came in . Our teacher said " class we have a new student today " my head perked up in interest she then said to the student out the door " you can come in now " and then opened the door to a beautiful girl the one I saw this morning she then opened her mouth and said " hello my name is Lucy Heartfilia and I'm new here " everyone in the classroom jaws dropped at her gorgeousness . The teacher then said " well now that you introduce yourself to the class how about you take a seat next to Mr. Dragoneel" she nodded her head as in yes and sat next to me I then said in my head " it's going to be a long day " ...


Hey guys hope you liked chapter one and if you want more then leave a like OK well

Bu bye

~ Misty waterflower

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Come all NALU fans
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