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Lion Guard!!
#Lion Guard Fan

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What did we missed!? 😞

Tnx 4 the invite!

thank for inviting

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Happy the cat: hello I miss you

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Kitty the cat : come here my handsome man
Randy Fazcat : no! I don't like you so go away from please
Kitty the cat : don't be silly I know u love me in your heart
Randy Fazcat : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Kitty the cat : =D

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Said hello to my Horrible Animatronic name Happy the cat u can download now

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I made this with Animatronic Jumpscare Factory! Download from! My ANIMATRONIC is horrible right

When I'm bigger I'm want make a fan game name Five Nights At Randy's

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XD I'm make a joke

Randy Fazcat : oh no not you again kitty
Kitty the cat : notice me senpai hehehe
Randy Fazcat : aaaaaaaaaa!!!
Rainbow Turbo the parrot : what is going on?
Randy Fazcat : help me turbo please
Rainbow Turbo : why
Randy Fazcat : are you nutz!
Rainbow Turbo : nah...
* Turbo walk away from Randy*
Kitty the cat : come here
Randy Fazcat : oh god!!
go to fixed Animatronic room
Kitty the cat : go out! Goldie!
Golden Bonnie : KKK fine!!
Randy Fazcat : nooo!!!
Kitty the cat : Don't leave me alone OK Randy
Randy Fazcat : oh shit!

What happen next? Can you answer at me please
My story comic OC
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