Um,+DarkKitsune z I think we need to talk.

16 truck pull in what the hell is this place.  they all ask.  we have part s6 battle criuse engine.  10 truck carry different battle criuse parts

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((Here's what I look like, just with my wolfish figures hidden under an illusion as well as all ten of my tails, same with my other three swords))

Well hello all my name is Jake Zacharias. I run a company called Atalis Ind. one of your men actually works there and he just asked for some troops to get sent here, so A few Atalis Ind. ships drop off a few thousand troops these guys are some of the best of the best. They are on loan to you guys. Have fun

name: Alex Marshall
age: 275
tittles: horseman of Apocalypse War, red rider, spartan 4 #626, ex-ODST, the ten tailed wolf
abilities: able to form both red plasma and pure chaos from my body
weapons: the swords Chaoseater, the Armageddon blade, the twin swords Soul Edge and Caliber in katana form
history: born on the planet of Harvest before it was glassed, joined the UNSC at age 18, joined ODST at age 20, became spartan 4 at age 22, went into cryo soon after Requiem, joined Atalis Ind. 20 years after coming out of cryo and doing mercanarie jobs, became the horseman War after an incident that tore me from the infinity.

Hey captain I'm might be able to get us some troops to help out.

we will help you once we find our old leader he is the only reason we held so strong against the reapers 
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