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hello maud

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rocks are rocks

whats your favorite type of rock +Maud Pie Skocilasova 

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But I do love Pinkie Pie.
- Maud Pie

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                                                       Maud's Poems
Resting amidst the mud
Bathing in the moonlight
A peculiar glass
From the volcano's mass
Did make itself known
And that is how I came to own
My own Obsidian glass
Pebbles sleep beside the mountains
They pale in comparison
But share the same strength
Distraught, determined
Falling, mixing, climbing
A rare sight to behold
Rock, you make me wonder
How many minerals do you comprise?
Rock, you fill me with awe
How much distance have you traveled?
Rock, you bring me happiness
How many words are left unspoken?
Sifting through the dirt
I search for a friend
My efforts are in vain
You were in my pocket
You ignite my heart
Like crowded flames of a campfire's start
Your brownish hue
Only further endeared me to you
Never shall we part
A pile of rocks
Shadow of a summer day
Pebble, you are small
You are a small rock
You are not a big rock
Because, you are a small rock
That is what you are
A pebble
Often do I wonder
Why some rocks are gray
Only to find later
That I've spent the whole day
Wondering to myself
Why some rocks are gray
This is a rock
He is a nice rock
Boulder befriended me when no one else would
Because nopony understood me
Like Boulder could
There is one rock that reminds me of you
And your little pet alligator, Gummy, too
It's called Serpentinite, and as you can probably guess
It reminds me of Gummy because of it's name
A rock is a rock is a rock is a rock
A rock like you makes me want to talk
About rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks
You are the greatest rock among rocks
For you are the rock that listens to me talk
About rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks
Your shade of gray
Reminds me of a day
A far off day I can't quite remember
It was a chilly evening near the end of December
We were plowing rocks from one field to next
When eventually my father told us to rest
My sisters and I, we all went to bed
Except for one sister whose mane was light red
She stayed up all night, there in that room
She was making a fuss all the way till next noon
The sound of laughter did fill our hearts
As she helped us remember a part of ourselves we forgot
We danced and cheered well into the night
We never thought a party would bring such delight
Thank you, Pinkie Pie
For helping us remember
On that day near the end of December
To keep on smiling, through and through
I'm so lucky to have a sister like you
I feel the wind blowing
You're tossed about
As if it were nothing
You're flipped onto your back
As if you don't care
You're covered in sand
As if the air doesn't even notice you're there
It pushes you, dirties you, and breaks you too
But none of that cruelty matters to you
You're too strong, too rigid
To be broken by the wind's doings
For you are a rock
You don't have time for such things
A scarf
A rock
I like them both
One is gentle, one is coarse
Which one do I like the most?
The rock, of course
I can break a rock down
From one to many
I can identify any type
Be it big or small
But there's only one rock
That I can call
I travel through the forest
And I notice the rocks
All piled together and covered with moss
I sit at the beach
And observe the rocks
All soaking wet, below the docks
I visit Canterlot, a city of high society
And I stare at the rocks
Obscured by regality
They're all lined up, in tiny rows
Surrounding the gardens; around they go
Whether it's chipped or pristine
In pieces or whole
No rock goes unnoticed
I love them all
Basalt, your color is cleansing
Like the pure currents of the ocean
Or a powerful morning gust
You brighten my day, without all the fuss
Of having to swim, or standing on the roof
I can enjoy your splendor, with you in my hoof
You bring the ocean to me, and the air too
Everywhere you've been, I've been there with you
You've been through a lot
Like temperatures that are really, really hot
And then you changed
From one rock to another
Because you are Metamorphic
And that's what you do
The rocks sit at the windowsill
Silently, wistfully
The breeze whisks past them
Fleetingly, wistfully
Their resolve unwavering
Ponies toss pebbles into the ocean
The water is pierced by the rock's descent
Ripples fly away from the scene
The rock has vanished
It descends slowly, through the darkness
A new world has been discovered
It's journey has just begun
You are beautiful
Because you are rocks
You are more beautiful than the setting sun
More beautiful than blades of grass dancing in the wind
More beautiful than the waves of the ocean receding on the shore
More beautiful than the moon lighting up the sky at night
More beautiful than the twinkling of the stars
Because you are rocks
And you've seen it all
There are Earth ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns too
Could each type of rock, be related to you?
Sedimentary are like Earth ponies
Patient and strong, withstanding the forces of nature
Igneous are like Pegasi
Their passion and ferocity, bursting forth with life
Metamorphic are like Unicorns
Elegant, and capable of feats of wondrous magic
There are Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic rocks too
Could each type of pony, be related to you?
I stare out the window
The darkness of the night creeping in to my room
Your pale complexion
Blends in with the moonlight
It's almost as if
I were holding the moon in my hooves
The rock sits before the pond
He cannot swim
No pebble, no rock
No boulder or mountain
Could ever hold me back
If you are hurt, or sad
Lonely or lost
Call to me, sister
And I will be there
There are thousands of names
Categories, and types
But there's only one word
That I need to know
To define that which embodies me so
And that word
Is rock
You are not unfeeling
I know you are not
Everypony is special
In their own unique way
Including a rock
Between each mineral
And each speck of dirt
I know deep down
That you are enjoying yourself
Come, let us swim
My rock and I
You cannot float
So hold on to Maud Pie
Of all the rocks I've ever seen
There's only one kind that makes my eyes beam
Tender feelings fill my heart, memories flow through my mind
They were the most magnificent rocks I had ever seen
Little rock candies, specifically chosen
String in hoof, carefully woven
You never forgot what I taught you back then
The ones I made for you, are all gobbled up
But the ones you made me
I'll never give up, I'll cherish forever
For they are the rocks that are most important to me
The rock candy necklaces from my sister, Pinkie

Applejack: Pinkie Pie told us you have a pet, too.
Maud Pie: He 's in my pocket.
Fluttershy: Oh, you have a pocket pet? It's a tiny mouse, baby bird, or a trained butterfly??
Maud Pie: It's a rock. His name is Boulder.

:DDD best scene :D

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She threw it..

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