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There seem to be a number of good sources for Cobblebot build instructions, if you can, please use this thread to provide links to documentation (legally shared), videos etc.  I'll try and collate as much as I can into a Community link.  Optionally, if there's discord about best approaches, we could create a Poll so everyone can vote.  As there are also a number of different mods (probably at least one is necessary to create a functional printer), I can break them down into different folders.

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Just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all who have contributed in assisting me with my cobblebot build, especially +Greg Nutt

Not sure I would have continued through all the pain! Haha.

I was finally able to get her to print!!
A little less than successful but far more than it has ever printed before!

Here's a comparison of quality (as it sits) compared to a print from my Creality Ender 3. Lol

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Finally got back to installing BL Touch on my basically basic Cobblebot.
I haven't disconnected the z-endstop, but did install the jumper provided with BL.
- Now, everything works as before, and the BL goes through its startup 3-probe.
- BUT, my extruder no longer heats.
What do you think - did I loosen a wire, or have others had this ??
My LCD shows "def" for temperature.

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Is there a reason the Z axis doesn't go up high enough when homing?

Trying to figure out if it's something in my configuration file that needs adjusted or if maybe I need to raise the BLTouch 1mm ?

Does anyone have the values for the extruder? Steps per mm or the feed rate?

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Is anyone able to assist with the Configuration file?
I can't seem to get the BLTouch to respond... It touches down but the printer completely ignores the BLTouch and continues to push down into the bed.

Maybe I've over configured the Config file?

I have the original Cobblebot with dual hotends.
No heated bed.
Using Arduino 1.8.5
Marlin 1.1.x

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have experience with ebay Lead Screws (from china) compared to the ones from Open Builds?
I feel like the one sold on Open Builds is extremely overpriced for what it is... $22 for one 540mm Lead Screw??
Can find them on ebay for half the price.

After messing around with this long enough... I finally decided I want to try and replace the lead screws in hopes that it will resolve the issue I'm having with the 0.1 mm step up and not spinning that I'm seeing every now and again which is preventing me from completing a successful print.
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