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3.1.3 has been released with the fix for 'Optimizing app' on boot and installation delay issue.
The issue was due to Android build tool update, so we had to roll it back :(

This issue happens only to some devices. So, if you have the issue, please update to this version.

At the moment, the update is available via Uptodown.

3.1.2 has been released with following fixes:
- Add missing Indonesian language.
- Clip link share support (i.e. Shazam)
- Some crash issues fixed

Thank you!

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TubeMate 3.1 has been released with new features!!!

- Now TubeMate supports Chromecast! You can cast your downloaded video and audio (online streaming also) to your Chromecast devices!!
- Long tap on a link to open in a new tab makes it easier to open and maintain video pages!
- You can now add/remove download, video, and audio folders!
- It also comes with some other fixes.

Download TubeMate3.1 from!
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TubeMate 3.0.15 has fixed recent DailyMotion and Vimeo download issue.
Update your TubeMate, if you haven't yet! (2017-10-03) - Fix crash on Android 7.1
- Fix various issues (2017-10-02) - fix facebook download issue

3.0.1023 (2017-09-26) - All new design and user experience
- Multi windows browsing
- View and play all your media files with improved music player and playlist
- Improved Browsing history and bookmark management
- Copy video link and click pop-up icon at the bottom for easy download
- Light and dark two theme support
More video site support

Post has attachment (2017-3-21) - Fix disappearing of music player
- Fix hangs of video
- Improve 'On-screen volume controller' (2017-03-07) - * marked video issue fix
- On-screen video volume control
- Title/Artist swap button on Music edit
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