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A patch 3.1.9 (1087) has been released.
If you are getting download error for * marked videos, try this version.

It might not be complete, so you could intermittently get the error. Then restart your app and try it again. It should be working.

Let us know if it fixed your issue! Thanks!

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Did you know that you can play YouTube playlist in the background with TubeMate?
Just add YouTube playlist to your TubeMate playlist with AUDIO option.
Then, you can play them in the background (play while screen off) without downloading them!
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Do you want to use the external player when you play videos in TubeMate?

If you unactivate internal player feature, you can choose the external player. Basic supporting player is soul player and MX player.

Check out screenshot below.
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You can use Chromecast not only for watching downloaded videos, but also for watching YouTube streaming directly with your choice of resolution.

Check out the screenshots below.

FYI, there is a minimum resolution requirement for Chromecast and it's 360p.
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Please check this!!

If you using SD card is that when you uninstall TubeMate, all files in the specific area for TubeMate on SD card are automatically removed.

So you must be backup the files before when you uninstall TubeMate.


The last release 3.1.9 (1086) has download failure issue for * marked videos for some people (for most, it works fine.) and we're working on it.
If you have the issue, please wait for update.


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How to upgrade TubeMate!! It's easy!

Please see the screenshot for upgrade.
Just click the link to download, then subsequently installation process will be started.
If not, please open the downloaded file manually.
You might be asked to give a permission to install application from TubeMate. Please allow it for upgrade.

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There are still some issues like no subtitle download and missing resolutions for some videos after YouTube update last week.

We're still working on it and will be releasing the fixes soon. Stay tuned!

[Notice] Parsing failure issue has been resolved by now. You don't need any update. If you see the error, just restart your app.

Thank you for your patience!
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