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I want a little loli sis, a big older sis or a mother. Even a Nekomimi!

My name is Zaden Kyo Takagi, im 14.
Im shy, pervy, nice. Im also lonely...
I want someone please.. I can turn into a neko
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Whale. It's been silent.. for... a while..... .3.

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Name: Aika Yamazaki
Age: 5 months
Gender: female
Species- human

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Name- John Wills
Age- 17
Height- 5'10
Weight- 157
Likes- Food sleep sports games books and jokes
Dislikes- Spiders

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Name: Danny
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Confused 24/7, He never know's whats going on. He could get a little spaced out from time to time. Friendly, but can be aggressive when necessary.
Likes: Round/Smooth Objects, and Chocolate
Dislikes: Jagged Objects, jarring noises, quick/unpredictable movements
Birthday: May 18
Relationship: Will Not Be Announced Yet 
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Repost and tell your age if you want to.

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Birthday: august 4th
species:wolf child
Bio: Sad most times hides and is really shy
Like; cooking, to read, and animals
Dislikes; Boasting and bullies

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Hello! Im new and this seems legit so I want to know anything that can help me or somethings i should know! ☺️😊

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Name: Shard the Metal Sonic
Age: roughly 19 years old
Gender: "do I look like a chick to you!?" 
Likes: any new family members, messing around, to an extent music, and an assortment of random, interrelating things
Dislikes: arrogant and egotistical people (even though he acts like one most of the time), his own insecurities about himself and his abilities (which most of the time he tries facing head on, which almost all the time results in him losing too much power and shutting off), (even though almost everyone here is one) he has a dislike for organics or "living" creatures..mostly due to what he once was.. (he doesn't like to speak or remember anything about it), confined spaces or being buried alive.
"yeah I know it's weird for a machine to be looking for family..especially towards organics..but hey, it's fun to go and try out new things!"
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