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Welcome to the RWBY RP.

This Rp takes place before the fall of Beacon, and the Tournament the students will mainly be from Beacon and have many different different events that lead up to the fall of Beacon and afterward. The story doesn’t revolve with White fang but with a secondary group.


1: Don't be OP

2: No super-overcomplicated weapons or semblances.

3: Don't make too many ocs.

||Profile Template||


Race/Ethnicity ( Both Human and Faunus, and Ethnicity ):

Hair Style:
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Aura Color/Pattern:


Kat was in her inn room with Noel. They were playing a video game on the TV. They heard the door open and Kat paused it looking over.

"Hey Addie, how was visiting your famil- holy shit" Kat had stopped and dropped her game controller noticing that Addie was dressed up.

Addie was not only in a stylish red mini dress but her hair was down and curled and she had makeup on, she even had heels on. She looked amazing and the dress complimented her red sun bracelet. She was not happy and gave the middle finger to them.

Noel was in awe. "You look- good? WHAT?!" She was in shock.

"I- when? how?" Kat was at a loss for words.

"You say one word about this to the others and I will kill you." Addie growled at them.

Wanted to get Addie's family thing done before we left

Lizard Man was in the abandoned home outside of Mistral as he looked up at his Info gather

“Running away?”

“Yes and no, those kids are being a danger and sloth warned me about them and what one said and all to collect myself and my organization.”


“Atlas, I’ll be leaving Thana and Celina to go to Vacuo to help the organization there as I go to Atlas with Sloth to collect myself and another person.”

“And Who is that?”

“You of course, I’ll pay you to have your base of operations to be in Atlas and I’m sure you will love to get money from rich wives think there husbands are cheating since those are common.”

Lizard man replied basically answering any questions she had as she nodded and left the room, the Lizard man put away his weapon and left the room as his tail dragged on the ground

That Same day

Sabrina was asleep in a hospital bed as she was healing while Kate felt fine but stayed in her seat as she stayed there over night to watch over Sabrina, waking up to see Sabrina still asleep Kate left the hospital room and went to get something to eat on her own

Kat and Noel were sparring.

Noel's fists and gauntlets' were sparking with electricity as she tried to get a punch with Kat. Kat, however, was able to avoid her sister's untrained moves with ease. Eventually, Kat grew tired of her sister's consistent missing and hit her with the butt of her spear.

"Ow!" Noel backed off and grabbed her head which caused the hair on her head to stand up since her hands were still charged.

"...I'm not sure if I should be teaching or laughing at you." Kat admitted covering her mouth with her hand.

The Day after the Attempted Destruction of Mistral by the White Fang.

Time 3:00 Am

Sloth and the info Gather were in a dark room looking at each other

“Most are asleep right now, not sure about Eli but he is most likely awake due to a habit I’ve seen of him barley sleeping.”

Sloth nodded and left as the woman stayed in the room



A woman in black enter the inn, holding there aura as there cat ears were shown showing it was Sloth as she went into the room they had Pride in, and was quiet as she grabbed him a sneaked him out the room and then bolted out the room using her Semblance to get out before anyone could see her



Sloth appeared with Pride in her hands as he was wide awake due to Sloth dude speed burst and he wanted to vomit, they were in front of Thana’s home as she opened it and saw Pride

“Well look at that, isn’t it the weakling The got caught.”

Thana said as she kicked him in the guts and he vomited, as she laughed and picked him up and dragged him in as Sloth went inside following, Once inside she throw him down as the rest of the sins were there and looking down at him

Celina- “so are you gonna Kill Him.”

Thana- “Don’t worry Celina, we will if he doesnt do something that might make Despair not call him Pathetic and weak.”

Xanthos- “What is it.”

Celina- “aww, look at Pride acting like a dog to Lizard. Have you lost your edge?”

Xanthos- “shut up Celin-“

When he went to talk Thana sword was out at his neck

Thana- “we are going to kill some of you brother’s friends and to getting rid of another problem your going after your brother. Celina is doing whatever float her boat. I’m gonna Kill my problematic daughter and Gluttony will pray away the younger one that stales me from stabbing her through the head. I don’t care if she is dead or alive in the end. Sloth with keep Eli at Bay and Pride your gonna have to kill your brother of you don’t want your own blood spilled.”

Xanthos nodded as Thana cut his ties in himannd Sloth dumped his weapon next to him, Celina and Gluttony leave with that as Sloth and Thana follows. Pride looked at his weapon and breathed in as Grabbed his weapons leaving

The newly hired info gathered was having her fun as she drank alcohol with her Semblance activated in a small room within Mistral

“Can I just say Sloth, is her mother psycho? Like I feel bad for the girl, I’m surprised she isn’t depressed and even willing to live with her mother’s activity of wanting to murder her slowly but surely. God I feel bad for her.”

“Honestly Everyone is crazy in the head.”

“Fair enough, also she likes your cousin and the reason is surely interesting but I’m no love matcher.”

Sloth couldn’t help but laugh at the thought as She back to work to see what was going on.


Kate was sitting alone, as she was sitting in the Arena area reloading her gauntlets and think to herself as she did this. She was scared of everything going on and kinda just waiting for something to happen

Team RAYS was being them as she Kate was dealing with 3v1 tag team style as Kate was getting back into the groove of things but hits that normally wouldn’t happen we’re still there as the group took a break. Amber was out and Sabrina and Chandra were do my OkaY as Kate was filled with energy

“Man That was fun.”

She said with a smile adjusting her gauntlets on her arms, as Sabrina was tired and drank some water

KOA, OVE, and Noel were facing the greatest challenge of them all. Coaxing Dusty out of the bathroom after not coming out for two whole days. The thing is they can't break down the door for obvious reasons and there were no windows to climb in from. Along glaring fact that none of them knew how to pick locks. Still, Kat had gathered them in Owen and Dusty's inn room concerned about him not eating. They had left the door open to the room to incase anyone else wanted to help.

Kat breathed in. "Ideas anyone?"

There was dead silence before Owen spoke up. "Addie did your Great Grandma or whatever pull a similar stunt?"

Addie nodded. "Great Grandma Amaterasu, she locked herself in a cave for a week straight. Without her, the family was falling apart."

Kat was interested. "What did they do to get her out."

"Chickens, a mirror, and an enthusiastic female stripper." Addie was dead serious.

"Any other ideas?" Kat quickly moved away from that one.

Small update.

OVE, KOA, and Noel were discussing the recent event of Lukas going back home 'temporary.' They didn't get a chance to stop him.

"I'm gonna kill Lukas when I find him-" Owen said sounded a bit mad, but also worried.

"Let's not kill small fry, we should be worried about him staying permanently." Velma noted.

Addie watched this go down, as normal she was tired but didn't complain. She was worried about her teammate also. Elenora seemed just as tired as Addie, but it was because she was worrying herself silly.

"Maybe we should try and follow him, he can't have gotten far then we wack some sense into him." Oriel suggested.

"They left a long while ago, we can't follow them." Noel countered.

Kat drummed her fingers on her leg, she was thinking. Of course, she was worried about Lukas but that also extended to Dusty. He hasn't signed one word since Lukas left and had locked himself in his room's bathroom. She had tried along with Owen to coax him out but it didn't work. Finally, she spoke.

"We are not following him, Lukas made his choice."

Everyone looked at Kat in shock. Finally, Addie spoke a bit mad. "Are you just saying we are gonna give up on Lukas?"

Kat sighed. "You know who could have stopped Lukas but let him go? Dusty, he is the person losing the most out of all of us. Yet he still let Lukas make his own choice. We can't baby Lukas because we won't always been there for him..."

Addie was glaring at Kat, she barely got mad at all so this was something. "Are you really okay with that, Kathie?"

"No, not in the least bit. But if he does ever ask for help we will be there in a heartbeat, right?" Kat was trying to cheer people up.

The group was nodding and agreeing with Kat.

//Last Post, RP//

Kaitlyn was leaving the Inn, she had a bad slung over one shoulder, filled with dust, money and Ammo for herself as she had her scroll in one hand and looked at it constantly. She had sent a message that she was gonna leave who knows how long or if she be back in the end. She notice her losing her edge and herself having been more hot tempered, idiotic and reckless with her behavior. That she was bashing on herself for it and continued to walk around at night. She was scared someone would stop her from leaving which she really hope doesn’t happen
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