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"Welcome to Majikku Magi Academy for Witches and Wizards or any Other Magical Supernaturals alike!"

Among humans are Magical Beings. Unknown supernatural beings that lives in a dimension created to escape humans. Before, both Humans and Supernatural alike lived together. Until, a myth, a rumor, spread. Many believed that the supernaturals are planning something big, war. Knowing their powers and abilities, they threaten to burn them. They didn’t believe it at first, till they did as they said. When they weren’t on guard, they strike. They were eventually cornered, hardly any witches,wizard or any supernaturals were seen. In order to not go to extinction, they created a dimension together in order to escape them. Successful, they escape without any trace of the dimension, to them, they disappeared into thin air. The memory of Witches,Wizards and other supernaturals existing is still there to stay. When the supernaturals left Earth, a mirror was created that shows any human being that was named. In the dimension, Majikku Magi Academy was created to control their powers starting from five-year-olds as their power actives at that time.


-No Spam - “Reshare or die…” are not allowed
-You can’t be op - Master every skill and such
-No Cyberbullying - If there is any bullying on the community going on, contact me via a private post or Hangouts
-You can have crossovers, just make it sound reasonable. (Example: Lucinda from MCD) - This isn’t really a rule, it’s just to tell others that you don’t have to make a Witch/Wizard/Other Magic Beings OC for the community
-Wait to be accepted - If you aren’t accepted or approved yet, don’t start roleplaying
-No roleplaying on profiles - This is a really annoying this that I come by, you can ask for a pp/roleplay post just don’t do it on the profiles
-If I ask you if you had read the rules reply to me with (WhyCap) -WITH the brackets
-Don’t control other’s OC
-Use the Template

Ages for certain grades [You can be hold back due to failure in exams]:

5 = 1st month
6 = 2nd month
7 = 3rd month
8 = 4th month
9 = 5th month

[With respective classes for ages]
10-12 = 1st year
13-16 = 2nd year
17-18 = 3rd years

Mood hair:
This is a rare condition that magic beings have. At the tip/end of their hair, a colour represents their current mood.
Red: Angry
Pink: Flirtatious/Romantic/Blushing (Must relate to love)
Orange: Enthusiastic
Yellow: Embarrassed
Green: Creative
Light Blue: Inspired/Brainstorming/Has an idea
Blue: Sad
Violet: Confusion/Dizziness
Purple: Proud/Generous/Ambitious
Grey: Lonely
Default: No colour (blends in with the rest of their hair)

Template, *means it’s optional:

\\General Info\\
Age and Grade:
Supernatural Species:

Eye Colour:
Hair Colour and Style:
Skin Tone:


Skilled Magic:

Furen - The most luxurious and richest kingdom in the dimension
Weixian - The most dangerous and poor kingdom in the dimension
Jiaoyi Shang - More commonly know as the “Trader Town”
Roi - Where the Royal family’s castle and the academy is located

Red: Proud/Stuck up
Orange: Sporty/Enthusiastic
Yellow: Carefree
Green: Creative
Blue: Soft Spoken
Purple: Ambitious
Pink: Kind
Grey: Hardly any emotion shown

If shit doesn't make sense, then look at who's the Owner of this
That's the X men Xavier school thing, yeah, I used it

-Mages, Werewolves, Nekos, etc. are allowed
-Community's name change
-New section added to the template, those who have already posted before will be considered as Witches/Wizards

-Note to all, You have a transformation where you are more powerful than your normal self, this does not imply to future werewolves as there strong points are when they are in Werewolf form

((Because I thought it was cool to have those :p))

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"sorry if I did something wrong"
\\General Info\\
Name: mime
*Nickname(s): m
Age and Grade: 5th grade 1st year

Height: umm
*Weight: I really dont know
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour and Style: black/long
Skin Tone: white
*Outfit(s): anything that fits and looks good
Uniform: pink

Personality: kind, nice, loud
Popularity: not that popular
Likes: pink, having fun, candy, and magic
Dislikes: veggies, being trapped
*Family: her half sister sarah
Pets: none
Kingdom: roi
*Bio/Backstory: her older half sisters dad divorced her mom when sarah was born but when I was born with a new dad sarahs dad took her away so its been mime her mom and her dad

Skilled Magic: chains
Capabilities: can control and make chains

Here :3

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"i hope i can prove myself useful"
\\General Info\\
Name: Diantha Broduer
Age and Grade: 18, 3rd year
Supernatural Species: nephalim (if allowed)

Height: 6'5"
Eye Colour: blue-ish purple
Hair Colour and Style: black short
Skin Tone: semi tan
Outfit(s): *pictured and uniform
Uniform: pink (or blue, i haven't quite decided)

Personality: kind, creative, sarcastic when she needs to
Popularity: quite popular
Likes: sweets, fashion, anime
Dislikes: rude people, bullies, fugly outfits and fashion no nos
Pets: a ferret named mirai
Kingdom: furen

Skilled Magic: protection and light magic
Capabilities: very powerful defenses and can be a shield

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Do any of you think that I should let nekos and werewolfs and such be part of the school too? Of course they will also need to have magic
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"Oh- Get the heck out of my face." "Oh, you wanna mess with me?" "Hewwo I'm Chloe Gold!" "I try to be nice! People are just rude, ya'know?"

\\General Info\\
Name: Chloe Gold
Nickname(s): none
Age and Grade: 5, 1st month

Height: 4'5 will be 6 feet when older
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color and Style: blonde, Picture
Skin Tone: Picture
Outfit(s): Picture
Uniform: Orange

Personality: Rude, nice, smart, sporty, enthusiastic, etc/find out
Popularity: Everyone knows her, so pretty much one of the middle/most popular kids, considering how long she's been here, it's surprising!
Likes: Find out in rp
Dislikes: Find out in rp
Family: Gone
Pets: Pet flying wolf Spark
Kingdom: Furen
Bio/Backstory: Was born.... Aged up to 5... Yup...

Skilled Magic: control of fire/heat
Capabilities: Fire/heat, Teleportation, flight, shaped-shift
*The wolf with wings is her pet wolf Spark*
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Template, *means it’s optional:
\\Quotes\\ "idk"

\\General Info\\
Name: Sarah winterwood
*Nickname(s): sar
Age and Grade: 12 1st year?
Height: ...
Eye Colour: graish
Hair Colour and Style: long/ pink
Skin Tone: far
*Outfit(s): black and white dress
Uniform: gray (lics will be in rps)

Personality: kind, sweet, shy
Popularity: friends with most popular student
Likes: witch craft, friends,
Dislikes: haters, bullies
*Family: unknown
Pets: none
Kingdom: forgot the name but the poorest
*Bio/Backstory: was born in the poorest kindom and grew up hideing her emotions

Skilled Magic: water/ice and snow
Capabilities: can make water levitate and can freeze things + make snow

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Template, *means it’s optional:

"Welcome to Majikku Maji Academy! I'm Violet Haixin of Roi!"
"I apologize for being a bit 'Ms I rule the world', that is simply not my intention."

\\General Info\\
Name: Violetina Haixin of Roi
*Nickname(s): Princess Violet, Ms Violet
Age and Grade: 15, 2nd year

Height: 200cm
Eye Colour: Purple
Hair Colour and Style: Blonde with Mood hair, medium straight
Skin Tone: Pale
Uniform: Purple

Personality: Ambitious, Sweet, softy, welcoming
Popularity: Most popular student in school
Likes: Her sister, Aqua, working at the cafe, passing, being surrounded by friends, helping others, swimming
Dislikes: Being humiliated, almost nothing, "Redhead"
Pets: None
Kingdom: Roi

Skilled Magic: Art of Transformations, Power of the crystal moon
Capabilities: Swimming and beating someone to a pulp
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Template, *means it’s optional:
"Leave me alone or I'll make you leave"
\\General Info\\
Name: Aqua Haixin of Roi
*Nickname(s): Aqwie, Lil one
Age and Grade: 11, 1st year

Height: 120cm
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour and Style: Blue, tied up in a ponytail
Skin Tone: Pale
Uniform: Blue

Personality: quiet, intelligent, daydreamer, softy on the inside, keeps things to herself expect her sister
Popularity: the smartest girl/nerd in school
Likes: being alone, reading, anime
Dislikes: being disturbed, crowded areas, someone hurting her sister, studying
Pets: None
Kingdom: Roi

Skilled Magic: Power of the Water
Capabilities: Calculating a hard question in seconds, sword fighting
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+Emerald Kitten Master

Look! A academy for witches!

It was the first day of the new year. Due to the new year, the school will be hosting a "New Year Party" where last year students of the school set up booths for clubs and activities for the school after a school tour with the royal siblings. "Hello students, old and new, I'm Violetina Haixin of Roi but you can call me Violet and I will be guiding you guys around our renovated school. Please refrain from using your magic while on the tour. You will get the chance to play around your talents later." Violet cheerfully welcomed the students with her younger sister staring at her phone beside her.
((open to anyone))
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