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21 feet height natural single stone murti of God Hanuman at Zand Hanuman Temple is located at Jambughoda belongs to Panchmahal district near Vadodara in the Indian state of Gujarat.
It is situated in deep Jambughoda Abhayaranya (Wildlife Sanctuary) about 70 kms from Vadodara city and 20 kms from prominent tourist places Pavagadh Hill and Champaner. Pavagadh is best known for most famous ‘Shree Mahakali Temple’ which draws thousands of pilgrims every day.
As per legend, Pandavas stayed part of time during the 13th year of agyatvas (‘incognito’ stay) in Mahabharat time and built this temple.
There are some other signs that prove Pandavas were stayed here. One can see Bheem Ni Ghanti (Bheem Chakki/Flour Mill), Draupadi Well and Huge Bell (which may be only Bheem could use). History says that Arjun with his bow and arrow created a flowing water stream to quench Draupadi’s thirst.
Jambughoda Dense Forest is also known as Hidimba Van and one can see the sign board that Night-Halt strictly prohibited.
Shanichara is under left foot of Lord Hanuman that indicates people who suffer from Shani Maha Dasha/Sade Sati come here regular on Saturday and take blessings of Shanidev.
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