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Rules and Guidelines(MUST READ):

Here are the rules and guidelines everyone must follow. MAKE SURE YOU READ IT, DON'T SKIP ANYTHING! Also, once you've read through these rules, make sure to SIGN SAYING YOU AGREE TO FOLLOW THE RULES! 

Thank you! ^.^ 

RULES OF THE Bloodmoon Rose Queendom

Dear RP Members,

Firstly, thank you all for joining this RP, we are sure when things are up and running, we will all have a lot of fun sharing our RP talents, wisdom, creativity and awesome characters.

Secondly, please read the Rules and Guidelines below, and when done, sign beneath that you agree to adhere to the rules, then post your Bio if you haven't done so already.

Best regards,
Queen Amelia


We expect all members to treat the other players with due respect. Disagreements may arise in OOC if something occurs within the RP that is not agreeable to all, This however is not an excuse for abusive speech and insults and won't be tolerated. We are all adults, let's try behaving as such. Final Decisions regarding such differences will rest with either Myself or the assigned Mods. Our word is final in this regard, and if you can not respect our decision, you might be asked to leave or will null and void the said post in question. We all have to be able get along, keep that in mind.


If possible within the RP Categories themselves we will have very limited OOC Chat, if something is important to say to another use whisper, or agree to meet in a PC or in the Counselor's Room (OOC). Talk among friends can really dampen the atmosphere of what’s going on in an Rp and distract the players, so please keep it to an absolute minimum.


Not all members of this RP Group are above the age of 18, so we ask for only 18 year old and above to join, certain exceptions might be made if the younger person is already well known to us. There is to be no Graphic Sexual Acts keep full intercourse for private PC only, affection and normal intimate interactions such as kissing, cuddling etc is allowed within the Acceptable Circumstances of the Medieval period and courtly love era. Of course if the Rp gets to the point of any sexual, please move the Rp to a private chat, please and thank you.


Please adhere to the Medieval period and what would be available to them during that era.


As there are quite a few members already within the Rp we will have posting orders , Please adhere and know your place and remember who you are due to post after, I will put up reminders at times throughout the Rp to help with this as it does get confusing. (This would only pertain to larger RPS that may happen in the future.)


This is a spiced apple of a topic, for each player's capabilities differ. Most of us Regular RP'ers don't find it too difficult to Write long posts, but we do Expect a little effort on everyone's part, so a three line minimum will be in operation. Of Course Entrance posts can be longer even in a light Rp setting, as one needs to set the mood, travels, Clothing and details of your character, but Just because you wrote a long post don't be insulted if someone replies with 3 to 5 lines.

We appreciate the Effort everyone puts into their posts, So please don't grumble if someone posts a lengthy post, have the courtesy to appreciate their effort and read it. As for long posts, please keep in mind to try not to delay the flow of the RP unnecessarily. The atmosphere can become very stale very quickly under these circumstances. If you need to go BRB shortly before your post, then state so and say skip my next post if you feel you will be delayed.

Also please, please, please post an EXIT post unless its an emergency for which you have to leave. Its irritating to be replying to someone only for them to disappear shortly before you post.


In this RP we are trying to set a new standard of what's allowed and what is not allowed with regard to power limits of characters and their abilities. We Wish to make this a FANTASY RP. We Do not accept ancient God like beings who can not be killed, No one within the RP is allowed to play an indestructible Character. All beings apart from Demons and Angels are to be any character that is listed below with vulnerabilities and weaknesses. All Demon's must clearly have their weaknesses, Just because you're a demon does not mean you're invincible, For instance, a possessed human can be Exorcised, a demon in his bodily form must have been summoned by a Dark Arts practitioner and clearly state what sort of Demon they are and they are not infallible to the Magic or any other powerful substance such as potions. Of Course naturally they can Avoid an attack if they can think and clearly describe a means to do so. Same goes for the non-angels and other characters themselves , If being attacked you have to be able clearly state how you avoid taking the hit. However we would suggest in such a battle of wits that if you avoid two attacks completely unscathed that We are obliged to take some damage on the third attack post. It will make things more interesting and our characters more interesting for the trials and tribulations they have to go through. 


Here is a list of beings we will accept in the RP:

ANY KIND IS FINE! This is a family-like kingdom, so it doesn't really matter.


There is to be no auto-hitting full stop, as standard, Inanimate objects not upon a being can be autohit. All physical attacks must be stated with intended target area, direction of blow, force and direction and attempted, and the hopeful outcome stated. Magical attacks must be done over two posts, for instance in one post you could be attempting to dodge while building up your focus and inner energy for some sort of spell to release in the next. All spells cast are somewhat draining on the characters, the way to gage such things would be to look at the intended outcome, for example lighting a candle with touch is barely draining, but Casting a fire blast to burn a being more so and will take time to build up energies again.

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Name: Jack Gorgon

Rank: Butler

Favorite Anime Worlds To RP In: Soul Eater,Prison School,Sgt.Frog,Etc.

Bio: Son Of Medusa And Kobra Gorgon,Brother Of Crona,And Student Of The DWMA

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Age: 17

Species: Human

Personality:Kind,Half Good And Half Evil,Loyal,And Sometimes/Very Oftenly Submissive


Likes: Training,Ramen,Soda,Money,Teamwork,And Family

Dislikes: Taking The Blame And/Or Pain For Others,Failing,Death,Losing,Blackstar's Stupidity,And Seeing His Friends And/Or Loved Ones Die

Weapons/Arsenal/Equipment: Knife

Jack Gorgon
Jack Gorgon

So where is my dear lady of darkness at ?~ +Lady Midnight​.

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Alright. So I feel like I probably wasn't clear on how I have things run, so to keep it simple; I will just say this:

You all can Rp in any of the rooms, doesn't matter which one, just do as you see in other communities...put up a post, and whether anyone is allowed to join, do as you wish.

For now, I will be going on hiatus, so I'll have someone else in charge of my Queendom. So, who would like to do the honors?

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The Bloodmoon Rose Queendom is a sacred place. No one should be able to find it, but as some might say, curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brings it back. What’s more to know, is that the place is underground, surrounding by a large maze of tunnels that would confuse anyone who would come too close to the Queendom.

The walls move out of sync, as though they are doors, forming more openings to where anyone would think the Queendom could be found; only to be found at a dead end. Above the Queendom, is a woods which is surrounded by an invisible barrier that holds back anything from leaving, though coming in is easy. Along the path of the woods mist would appear, first thin, and then growing thick, as any would begin to trudge deeper. Anyone can walk through, unknown of the dangers coming up along their path, and during their travels through the woods, will they encounter evil beings of greed and hunger for power.

Cursed plants as well as monsters and unknown creatures roam as well, taking in forms of loved ones; and whispering promises that they don’t mean. It can confuse those who try to continue on their voyage, and if they succeed, will they find the opening to a cave, but won’t be able to get passed it, unless they defeat the many large gargoyles that blocks their path. It said to be an ancient beasts of immortality, and can reincarnate itself, once thought to be destroyed. If a traveler fails to make it to the castle, the chances of dying in the process are very high.

Beings with heightened senses ( sight, scent, hearing etc ) will find themselves completely at the mercy of the tunnels, just as any normal traveler would. The movement of the walls and the sounds carried along with what creeps along the tunnels will derail a traveler with ease; the only light being anything that the traveler has brought, since there aren’t any torches along the walls lighting the ways through the tunnels. Even beings capable of portal magic will not be able to reach the castle without actually knowing it's location prior to this method of transport.

Those that make it through to the tunnels, will be confronted by a giant pair of towering doors made of stone, decorated with vines that has accumulated through the ages. Once through the tunnels, travelers are permitted entry and are free to stay as long as they like and join if they wish. When they approach the doors, they will find a guard waiting to allow them inside.

((Here's the first entry! Respond with your character dealing with the obstacles until they reach the gates of the Palace. Have fun! You can go one at a time, if you wish, or wait until I respond to the first one's response. Your choice. Let me know.))

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((Welcome to the first RP that is happening in the Queendom! I would like to apologize for my long hiatus, but I needed to think about how this was going to go. I would like to make something clear. Keep OOC in brackets, so that no one gets confused if you're playing IC or talking as yourself. I will place the first post here, and whoever wishes to join, just respond to it. We'll start this whole story out with the introduction of the place, and you will respond with a post stating your character, and how you'll get around the obstacle. Understood? I hope so. any questions before we begin?))


Hello everyone! Before anything begins, I would like to apologize for the long hiatus of this group. I now realized why nothing happened yet, and that's my fault, clearly. So, if anyone that is in the community, and this only being said ONCE, would like to be removed, then please say so; because once this starts, things will get busy.

Further more, I reread the rules and guidelines to make sure everything is in order, because without order, this place would be complete chaos. Also, I will be placing up the first Rp for everyone to join in, but before that happens, I need to know who's available and ready.

_Please say I'm available in the comments, and tell me what position you're in. So your answer should look like this: I'm available, and my position is a maiden/butler/ guard etc.

Also, I will be placing a reminder for those who haven't put up their profiles yet. If you say you're available, and your character profile has not been out up, than you're not allowed to start until I see it, and give it approved.


Hey everyone! Sorry about this place becoming a graveyard! I didn't expect to get so busy, once I got this idea.

For this community to succeed, I'm going to need everyone to put up a profile. Let me remind everyone what the positions are, that need to be filled:

Butlers +Dylan Cain
Guards +Dylan Cain​​
Prince +Ashwath A​​
Witch(es) +Ruby Rose​​, +Double Divine​​

There can be more than one of each.

The people who still needs to pick a position and put up their character profiles are:

+Emberance Discontinued​​​
+Double Divine​​​
+Kinjo Tatsumaki​​​
+Ashwath A​​​
+Art Carter Is The Man​​​
+Ruby Rose​​​
+Salvador Ramos​​​
+Dragon Bliss​​​
+Cherry Pop The Cybertronian Female Autobot!​​​
+Matthew Adams​​​
+JJ xXThe ReaperXx​​​
+Dylan Cain​​​
+Jordane Gordon​​​
+Yahiro YAmiro​​​

If you all are willing to participate, this must be done, before any roleplays commence. I will put up another warming, I'd this isn't completed soon, just as a reminder.

Thank you! 

I want to make an announcement, and let everyone know who the mods will be for this community:

+Ashwath A
+Lυѕт'ѕ Dσмιηαтє ツ
+Collin Thompson

And myself as well, but of course, that's obvious.
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