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Hey guys! Thanks so much for joining! I'm trying to make this a big fantasy RP, and by you joining, I think we can make this work! Please read "About this community", and please have me or a mod approve your profile before you start to RP. Thanks! (I will pin more important stuff, but for now, I'm just pinning my profile :3)
My Profile:

Name: Xiitharra (Si-thara)
Age: 100 (If human, 16)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Boyfriend: None
Children: None
Siblings: None
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Species: Elf
Abilities: Communicating with nature (Animals, plants, wind, weather, etc.)
Friends: None
Enemies: None
Likes: Outdoors, rain, apples, archery
Dislikes: When people pick at her, people saying she CAN'T do it.
Personality: Sweet, tough, caring, protective, a bit stubborn
Bio: When Xiitharra was born, she was only 5 pounds. All of her siblings were at least 8-10 pounds when they were born. He siblings grew to be around 5'8, to 6'0 tall, while Xiitharra only grew to be 5'3. Because of her size, when Xiitharra was young, she couldn't handle a bow. She was too small. She would try to pull the string back, and the arrow would either fall out, or the string would snap at her face. Her older brother and sister always used to tease her about her size, and how she couldn't do anything about it. For example: When she tried to climb trees to get apples, she couldn't reach the branch. Her parents would always try to comfort her, but she would storm up to her room. She would crumple a piece of paper and throw it into the garbage, along with many other pieces. She was always making plans on how to show her siblings she could do better, and how she would do them. One night, when she was 12 years old, she was lying in her bed, thinking of ideas. It was way past her bedtime, and she couldn't fall asleep. All of a sudden, it hit her. She would sneak outside every night she could and practice (climbing trees, shooting arrows, etc.). She got away with it for 2 years. Then one night, when she was 14, she went outside, her siblings joined her. She took the lantern with her, and put it down near the targets. She shot all 3 targets, bulls eye every time. It made a lot of noise, and her parents came running outside. "What are you three doing! You should be sleeping! Especially you, Xiithara!" Her mom cried out. Xiitharra responded, "But, mom-" Xiitharra was interrupted by the sounds of horses running down the dirt road to their house. Them came barging through in a rage, horses whinnying. They kidnapped her parents, and her siblings. Xiitharra jumped up into a tree, her bow ready to shoot. It was too late. They had already left, leaving behind her house burning to the ground. Xiitharra was too stunned to show any emotion, and she just stood there, watching her house burn down. She still, 2 years later, doesn't know who those people were. She has been looking for her family ever since.
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